Beyonce’s Full Made In America Performance (Updated: Video Taken Down)

Mrs. Carter just got off the Made In America stage in Philadelphia after killing it for an hour and a half. Homegirl put on a full concert. She had a ton of video interludes, one of two downfalls, and changed costumes more times than I’ve changed outfits this week.

Whenever Beyonce performs, she usually kills it. The performance tonight was good, but something seemed a little off. Beyonce just wasn’t hitting it hard like she usually does, which is fine. She’s human. Maybe she had a weird day. Maybe she shit herself a little on stage and didn’t want the doodoo part of her panties to touch her butt, so she didn’t dance as hard.

Above I wrote that the video interludes were one of two downfalls. The second was the transition from song to song. They just didn’t flow well. Some stopped abruptly and kept me thinking something bigger was going to happen, then nothing. Example: When Bey came out wearing a Houston onesie that looked like the Chicago Bulls jersey from the “Feelin’ Myself” video, I thought, Onika is coming out. Not only that, but Bey sang her part of “Feelin’ Myself” three times, then the music just ended with her standing there.

Now, with those two flaws, the show was near #Flawless.

Update: So, the full performance keeps getting taken down every time I find a link.

Enjoy 7/11 while its still up: