Adele “All I Ask” Live on Ellen

I love this song. Its the first song I instantly gravitated toward when I listened to “25.” This performance is fresh off the heels of her Grammy’s performance where there were sound issues. While this performance wasn’t flawless, its coo because guess what, Adele is a human. Weird, right?

Adele’s cinched waist is giving me heaven, while her sassy bob cut is all I ask for in a short cut. Get it?

Adele was vocally pristine. Sure, there were a few bum notes, but it added to the realness of the overly produced business that is the music business. Why aren’t artists allowed to be real? I mean, I love my overproduced pop girls, don’t get me wrong. But, I also let them have their bad days.

Question: Do you ever think about how a singer’s breath smells when they’re performing in front of hundreds, thousands, even millions of people? Think about it, what if Adele had poop breath the night she performed her televised special at Radio City Music Hall late last year? I’ll tell you what, it would be funny!


Kelly Clarkson “Catch My Breath” Live On Ellen

Miss Kelly Clarkson in all her glory performing “Catch My Breath” on Ellen with perfect stage presence and perfect vocals. Kelly gracefully worked the stage and audience as she glided through her latest hit. Kelly looks and sounds wonderful and I was excited throughout the performance. Not only is Kelly a great performer, she is also very gracious. Always giving her band the recognition that they deserve because, after all, they are the ones providing the music for her voice to soar through. Take notes Rihanna.