Lana Del Rey “High By The Beach” Out Tomorrow. Watch the 2 Teasers Now.

So, I guess Lana knows that I was scheduled a breakfast shift tomorrow morning because thats when she decided she wanted to release the video for “High By The Beach.” Fitting.

I’m a little nervous for the video because she’s holding a huge bazooka while wearing a flowing (just found out “flowy” is not a word) lingerie set. Man, and also, while I’m being a Negative Nancy, I don’t really care for the song. Hear me out, I’ve tried so hard to love it, but I just can’t. I think the song sounds hollow. I mean, I can never really relate to Lana’s lyrics because I’m not into daddies, don’t wear baby doll, red dresses, and I don’t hang out on Hollywood and Vine all the time, but I can usually find a line that just makes me cry because its so beautiful. The chorus is nice.

Watch the 2 teasers for “High By The Beach” below and also check out the other Lana stories, under the categories section,  I’ve posted in the past, for the nostalgia dah-ling.


Jaguar’s Short Film “Desire” Teaser With “Burning Desire” As The Soundtrack

Gorgeous cinematography and Lana Del Rey’s music go hand in hand as evidenced by Lana’s videography. Now, a short film in collaboration with director Ridley Scott is on the verge of release in junction with the new Jaguar F-Type and “Burning Desire” plays as the soundtrack for the short film. “Burning Desire” is an iTunes only bonus track on Lana’s EP “Paradise” and embodies sleek, stealth, sexiness and a liberty that will only elevate the film.

Carrie Underwood “Two Black Cadillacs” Music Video Trailer

Carrie Underwear has me breathing heavy. The trailer for her latest music video “Two Black Cadillacs” was released today and the trailer is giving me Amy Winehouse “Back To Black” vibes with the chic funeral hair and outfits. “Two Black Cadillacs” won’t premiere until January 2013, yeah, we’re still in November of 2012. What’s the hold up? Hell if I know, but this video better be a spectacle. As I’m watching, I better fan myself, clutch my pearls, gasp and replay the video six times in a row.

Carrie is so pretty! Carrie is so pretty! Carrie is so pretty!

Teaser #2 For Xtina’s Basic Song “Your Body”

How many damn clips are going to come out before the whole friggin’ video is released? Damn Tina!

Well, here is clip #2/12. The video looks ight. Not here for that big ass t-shirt, again.