Rihanna Feat. Drake “Work” Music Video

I like this unconventional way of presenting pop music. Beyonce with her surprise visual album and Rihanna with her surprise release and two videos for the lead single off of “ANTI,” “Work.”

While the videos are more vanity shots to give the song a visual, they work, work, work, work, work, work. The first video is a reggae inspired club scene, Rihanna always looking runway ready, Drake looking sharp. Cool.

In the second video all you can see are Rihanna’s nipples and Drake’s bulge.


Rihanna Feat. Drake “Work” Music Video To Premiere Monday

A teaser for the long awaited video for Rihanna’s “Work” is scheduled to premiere on Monday. Got a good lil’ vibe from the video. Won’t be anything stunning, but it’ll give a nice visual to the song.

Now that I think about it. The teaser reminds me of Beyonce’s “Baby Boy.” The part where she sings “in a dark, dark corner of a basement party.” I liked that video.

Rihanna “Pour It Up” Music Video Premiere

Shot back in May 2013, the visual for Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” is able to be seen by stand & fans alike. Rihanna is twerking with her friends in water with short, white, curly hair. I never opted to listen to “Pour It Up” but now that there is a video I can visualize the song with, I’m all about it. Let me put this on my workout playlist and picture myself doing those pole dancing moves, no lie.

The behind the scenes of “Pour It Up” is a good watch too. There is a scene at 2:07 that I need to recreate with my man.

“No baysics zone. NO BAYSICS!”

Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and Bruno Mars Perform on The Voice

Kelly burst onto the stage with her latest single “Catch My Breath” and she sang that song with such ease. The last two notes she hits at the end are pure bliss, the highlight of the performance. I know KeLEGEND is performing on The Voice, but get those two off  the stage. Their bland, lifeless voices made me mad.

Dang Rih! You a waitress? Serving them trained vocals on a silver platter. Like I’ve mentioned in previous Rih-Rih posts, her vocals this era have been top notch. Not only have he vocals been superb, her outfits are on.point. Mama loves it when a woman wears a nice pant suit and Rihanna pant suit was sparkly, chic and definitely something I would wear if I had legs.

Bruno’s live vocals are identical to his studio vocal, amazing. His stage presence gets me all hot and bothered. I like how you can see all of his teeth when he talks and sings. I need to get over this crush. The only way thats possible is if I see him in person and our height difference becomes a reality. Isn’t he like 5’5”? OMG, I just got to the part of the performance when he goes into his falsetto. Shaking. Crying.

Know what I’m a fan of? When an artist is performing and they pan to celebrities in the audience to show their reaction. I live for that. Christina was all into Bruno’s performance. Go Tina! Looking cute, rocking that bob wig.



7 Albums Later and Rihanna’s Vocals Are On Point

Do you ever get really excited after a great live performance that you want to buy that artist’s music even if you already have it? Not only that, I will Google, Tumblr, YouTube and lip-sync to that artist for hours after. I’m a pre-pubescent girl on the inside.

Rihanna’s vocals on the “Unapologetic” era have been on.point. Her breathing is even and she is actually singing within her range. What a concept. Rih-Rih has stepped up her whole persona, Twitter and Instagram aside, and I’m diggin’ it. Style wise, homegirl is a supermodel. Twerk!

Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber Rock The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Stage

Rihanna tore that Victoria’s Secret runway up! Performing “Phresh Out The Runway” and “Diamonds” from her #1 album “Apologetic,” homegirl is about to rack up those sales. Both performances were killer. The vocals on “Diamonds” were excellent and her outfits were on point, sexy and appropriate for the occasion. Rihanna eye-f*cked every single one of those Angels during “Phresh Out The Runway.” Get it Rih-Rih!

Bruno Mars is twerking that promo train, hard. “Unorthodox Jukebox,” Mars’ sophomore album, is due in stores December 11th and I am seeing this guy everywhere. Maybe its because I’m a STAN, but he is doing things right and he should have no problem getting that #1 debut spot. Bruno and his dancing band took the stage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and performed the hell out of “Locked Out Of Heaven.” A sexy song about a sexy woman with sexy women strutting around the stage? Very fitting. I’m going to need the big ass hat at 1:35 in the “Locked Out Of Heaven” performance video.

Bruno turned things down fifteen notches and performed “Young Girls” and now I’m a mess. Such a crooner. I have a mini crush on this mini man. Let’s be real, he’s about 5’8″ and those models are all 5’10” and up. It’s cute though because he’s wearing a hat. Hats make everything better. The Angels are serving up Vegas Showgirl realness, without the tacky. Me gusta.

Justin Bieber then took the stage and performed an acoustic version of his mild hit “As Long As You Love Me.” Girl, no. His whiney voice is so, whiney. He didn’t make me want to throw my panties at the screen. In fact, I had the opposite reaction. I pushed my chonies up my butt. He doesn’t deserve my big ol’ chonies! Bieber finished his two song set with “Beauty And A Beat.” Now, I love my pop music, I do. I just cannot get into his music. It’s not my thang. I also can’t get into his performances. His dancing is weaker than Britney Spears’ during the “Femme Fatale” era. Sure Justin, rank in the dough, but don’t make it seem like you’re putting any effort in. His outfit was dumb too. Pull your pants up young man and don’t ever wear that vest again. That vest was disgusting!

Rihanna Blames Her Band For Her Mistake

Really Rih? During the online stream of her 777 Tour in London, Rihanna performed “Where Have You Been?” and started singing a second too early and thew off the band. The band tried to catch up with but it wasn’t to her liking so she stopped in the middle of the song, blamed the band, thew out a few curse words and made herself look unprofessional. She blamed the band for her mistake and started to belittle them verbally before starting the song over. Rihanna also put the blame on lack of rehearsal then called what she was doing “rockstar sh*t.”

No honey, its not “rockstar sh*t.” You screwed up, stopped the show and made yourself look like a fool. Good job.

Rihanna “Diamonds” Featuring Kanye West

I don’t know how I feel about this feature. When I first learned that Kanye had a feature on “Diamonds” I thought to myself, “this is going to make me snatch my own wig.” Honestly, I “nothing” it. Kanye’s verses are usually so attention grabbing, but this one made my eyes glaze over and all I could think about is what I am going to wear to dinner tomorrow.


“Unapologetic” Leaks

No download links will be posted on PopStarsAreNotRealPeople.com, but hey, Google and Tumblr are your best friend. *nudge, nudge

If you don’t want to download it but want to stream each track individually, SoundCloud has every track uploaded and again, Tumblr is your best friend.

“Phresh Out The Runway” is such a bop, like, I can’t even. It’s definitely my new shower song when I’m naked and dripping with soap to twerk and spread it to. Don’t side eye me, you know that you do the same exact thing and if not, you just haven’t lived.

“Unapologetic” is available Tuesday, November 18th. If you’re a fan, STAN/NAVY buy your copy and support Rih Rih. If not, then don’t, like me.

Rihanna “Diamonds” Live on SNL

What is this caca? What an ugly outfit and background. The background makes the song ugly. The song isn’t anything special, but it was a nice listen, but watching this + listening to this mess, it sounds like she’s purposely trying to irritate me. Like, I’m actually on my way to being pissed off because I’m offended at this doodoo.

I didn’t even bother to watch her perform “Stay” because I’m mad at her.