Come 11:30 PM PST time, no other song will matter for, I’d say, the next week. Adele is back after selling over 30 million copies of her previous album, “21.” The rumored promo for “25” is sensational, unique, and an all-out event. Curiosity surrounds the album regarding how the album will sound, topics of the songs, and also with streaming becoming more dominant and physical album sales dwindling even more so, how the album will fare sales wise.

Adele tweeted an open letter yesterday explaining how she approached “25” and apologized for the 4 year wait.

I seriously want to quit my job and just report on all things Adele. As you all know, I’m obsessed with Lana Del Rey and she has unique ways of marketing, but Lana seems to be scaling back on television performances and all things “being in the spotlight.” Whereas Adele will dominate EVERYTHING.

The track listing last also been released and I’m glad she doesn’t have 99 songs on it. A good, solid, 11 songs. Hopefully none are “filler” tracks, but we’ll have to wait and see.

1. Hello
2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
3. I Miss You
4. When We Were Young
5. Remedy
6. Water Under The Bridge
7. River Lea
8. Love In The Dark
9. Million Years Ago
10. All I Ask
11. Sweetest Devotion

I’m excited, elated, and stressed. Stressed because I know getting tickets to her tour will be a damn Olympic obstacle.


ADELE. “Hello, it’s me.”

Adele is coming! Adele is coming!

Pretty sure everyone involved in mainstream music is getting ready to be overshadowed by Adele. Her new album is slated to be released in November, so a single released within the next weeks is very likely.

Coming off the heels of her Diamond selling album “21,” Adele is predicted to dominate music once again. Her rumored promo campaign is insane with exclusive appearances on NBC and this “guerrilla” way of introducing her music to the public.

I kid you not, I’m feeling things inside. Fall is always the most exciting time for mainstream music. All the heavy hitters release their music and its interesting to experience all of the innovative ways they do so.

Get your tissues out because this sounds like it’s a continuation of “Someone Like You.”

“Hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited.” = “Hello, its me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…”

I’m in a happy relationship and now I feel like I’m brokenhearted. 

FKA twigs “Figure 8” Beats 1 World Premiere

Dude, I love FKA twigs. She’s just the right amount of avant garde, mainstream wise, without being pretentious. Her voice is sweet, supple, and angelic, and blends nicely with the strong, sharp, and jagged music and sounds she toys with.

Now, if you listen and like/love it, she is a marvel to watch live.

One Direction “Drag Me Down” New Single Release

So, last night well after I was tucked into my comfy bed (10pm), One Direction ‘Beyonce’d’ their new single “Drag Me Down” onto iTunes and Spotify 


This surprise single release marks the group’s first single as a quartet after Zayn Malik left the band earlier this year. The song is pure pop, but nothing extraordinary. I mean “Steal My Girl” and “Story of My Life” are my go-to One Direction songs, you know, the ones you pretend you’re in the music video to? I’m always the Beyonce, NEVER the Kelly, and never She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named #poormichelle.

If you decide to buy on iTunes, you can see that the boys really did rush/surprise release this little gem. The release date is marked as August 7, 2015. We’re living in the future ya’ll!

Demi Lovato “Cool For The Summer” Music Video

Demi’s hair and makeup are flawless. Also, the colors in the video are great.

Those fishnet looking boots: no.

That blue bathing suit thing: no.

I could go on, but my english muffins just popped out of the toaster.

That’s all.


Janet Jackson Keeps Grooving with “No Sleep” Music Video

I’ve always been a fan of Janet. Not a stan, you know, a casual fan. Sometimes I get into my “Janet” mood and watch 3 hours of her videos and performances on YouTube.

As we all know, Janet is back with a new tour and a new single, “No Sleeep.” “No Sleeep” is that smooth groove sound that Janet has come to perfect. Her silky, airy voice weaves between the beat and gets your shoulders rolling, maybe even a few body rolls like back in middle school. The video is a classic R&B video with mood lighting, Janet smiling at the camera while she sings, and she taps her toes here and there. Janet doesn’t do any choreography. Why? Because she didn’t feel like it. Also, the song is slow as hell, like, what is she supposed to do? Body roll and grab her chi-chis? Been there, done that.

Welcome back, Mrs. Jackson.


Lana Del Rey’s “Honeymoon” is Bewitching.

Yesterday morning, right after I pulled into the school parking lot, I checked to see if Lana released “Honeymoon,” like I do at the top of every hour since she’s teased the first video/audio clip weeks ago, and she finally did. I felt so many things at that moment: , excitement, sadness, frustration, confusion, and bliss. I was excited to finally have “Honeymoon” bless my ears, sad because I was sitting in my car, about to walk into class and wouldn’t be able to listen to it on a loop for the next 4 hours, frustration because I couldn’t click or find a proper link because Lana posted a “non” link like a n00b, and bliss because I could finally rest easy knowing that I finally had access to new Lana Del Rey music.

“Honeymoon” is everything I love about Lana Del Rey; lush, sweet, theatric and dramatic with the right about of pop music and movie score. It is 5:54 of Lana cooing over strings, guitar, and light drums. The vocal layering and polished, but unpolished sound really do take my breath away and make my heart beat fast.

I cannot wait to hear the 13 other songs, confirmed by Lana, on “Honeymoon.” Rumored to be released in September, this one song will be enough to fill the Lana Del Rey void we’ve all been feeling in our lives. 

Sleigh Bells “You Don’t Get Me Twice” Audio


I seriously obsess over everything Sleigh Bells does. Their songs, videos, photo shoots, album covers, live shows, etc. make me feel like I’m the shit. Their is a coolness factor to Sleigh Bells that makes me feel like a badass when I listen to them at an over-the-top volume.

I’m going to admit that I am so impatient that I hope for albums to leak. October 8th isn’t even that far away and I keep checking to see if “Bitter Rivals” has leaked. I mean, I’ll totally buy a copy and I already bought 3 tickets to watch them perform in Santa Ana, CA, but I just want their new music NOW!

You can totally hear the R&B influence on the melody and even style of singing on “You Don’t Get Me Twice.”


Katy Perry “Dark Horse” Featuring Juicy J iTunes Release

This song is something I can play from 5pm onward with the sunroof open and windows down. The slinky, smooth, crisp beat is clean and the melody is cool and not over the top. I can deal with Juicy J’s verse, but it’s not memorable in the least except the part where he refers to a heart being eaten by Jeffrey Dahmer, then I think of Ke$ha al la “Cannibal.”

“Dark Horse” has a very old school feel. I can’t think of the song it reminds me of, but I’m feeling very nostalgic. Very 90’s!

Be sure to preorder your copy of “Prism” on iTunes!

Britney Spears “Work Bitch” VEVO Audio


Britney Jean Spears is back. Now, the track is a grower. For me, it wasn’t immediate. I mean, I thought it was a nice departure from what we’re used to hearing from Britney Jean, but I wasn’t dancing in a puddle of my own pee from excitement. The more I think about it, the more I want to hear it and the more I start to love it! The return of Britishney and Accentney are upon us! Lets just hope that Danceney is back and not Walkney.