Iggy Azalea “Fancy” Featuring Charlie XCX Music Video

Iggy Azalea just released the visual for her new track “Fancy” Featuring Charlie XCX and its real cute. The song itself is clean, crisp and just enough pop to appeal to the masses. Iggy pays tribute to one of my all time favorite films, “Clueless.” The video is spot on with the outfits and replicated scenes from the movie. The only forgettable part of the video was Charlie XCX. All T, all shade.


Rihanna “Pour It Up” Music Video Premiere

Shot back in May 2013, the visual for Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” is able to be seen by stand & fans alike. Rihanna is twerking with her friends in water with short, white, curly hair. I never opted to listen to “Pour It Up” but now that there is a video I can visualize the song with, I’m all about it. Let me put this on my workout playlist and picture myself doing those pole dancing moves, no lie.

The behind the scenes of “Pour It Up” is a good watch too. There is a scene at 2:07 that I need to recreate with my man.

“No baysics zone. NO BAYSICS!”

Britney Spears “Work Bitch” Music Video Premiere

We here at PopStarsAreNotRealPeople have a soft spot for Britney Jean. So soft in fact, we compare it to the soft spot on a newborn baby’s head. While watching the video I ran out of breath, my heart is beating so hard my chest is bruising and my palms and feet are dripping in sweat.

Britney is looking fantastic, the visuals are remarkable and girl dances! Now, B doesn’t pull out all of the stops in her dance routine, but she sure as hell isn’t deserving of the nickname Walkney. Britney bent those knees (shoutout to my gurls at ATRL.net) and danced better than Katy Hudson during ANY of her performances.

I’d recommend sitting on the toilet while watching the video cause you’re going to shit yourself.

Lady Gaga “Applause” Music Video

The hell? I never posted about “Applause?” I’m such a dick.

I’m pleased as heck that the video is solely the duration of the song and not an additional 10 minutes. The mini series Gag’s was presenting  the whole “Born This Way” era was getting predictable and annoying. One an era will be fine, you know, so it’s more of a treat than a letdown.

Okay, with a Gaga video there is always a favorite look and mine for “Applause” is shower cap Gaga with the big ass comforter billowing around her body. So sleek & chic.

The video itself is promising for what the “ARTPOP” era can be. Gaga has said that “ARTPOP” is going to involve past looks she had from “The Fame” era to present day and revamp them. Yes, please.


Eminem “Berzerk” Music Video

Not really much to say about the video other than its okay. Forgettable and the song was a good listen initially, but it doesn’t make me want to listen to it on repeat.


Iggy Azalea “Change Your Life” Featuring T.I. Music Video

Not my favorite Iggy song or video, but I dig it. I’m late to the Iggy Azalea bandwagon so I’m still stuck on “Pu$$y” & “Work.” Miss Iggy is definitely serving up some diva in her red nipple covers that look like they could be her red enflamed nipples. Girl.

I actually forgot already how the track goes. It’s just not memorable and sounds like it would be a filler track on a soundtrack. C’mon Iggy, bite back with another track that makes me wanna be the brown, male version of you.

Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Music Video

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think Miley’s video for “Wrecking Ball” is downright gorgeous. The track itself is beautiful, powerful and vulnerable. The video with its simple colors and prominent white theme gives the video a purity that compliments the song perfectly.

I keep reading that people are bothered by Miley licking the sledgehammer, why? The song is about emotions and relationship ties breaking and she is showing affection toward something that is destructive, the sledgehammer and wrecking ball.

Let’s be real, Miley’s VMA performance wasn’t anyone’s fave, but everyone needs to get over it and realize that this girl has talent and great songs to share.

Listen to me, being all positive!

Katy Perry “Roar” Music Video

I’m such a Gaga stan and I know deep inside that “Roar” is the catchier and more sing-along song, but I want “Applause” to be what “Roar” is so badly. Welp, I’ve gotten over it and justified it to myself, so here goes: “Roar” is pop music gold. Catchy, uplifting and makes you wanna be a better woman. “Applause” is a good song, but its just more of an album track than a great first single.

So, the video for “Roar” has finally been released and it is very big budget and it shows. It’s colorful, kinda campy & silly, but it fits Katy Hudson perfectly. The video isn’t offensive or annoying, its just a Katy Perry video that could fit into the “Teenage Dream” era. I’m glad that the video went with this theme and not a boxing theme like she did at the VMA’s. What the hell was up with the random jump roping for 10 seconds?

Enjoy the video for America’s #1 song below.

Sleigh Bells Roar Back With “Bitter Rival” Song & Video

My favorite noise pop duo are back with chunky guitar riffs, Alison Krauss’ sweet pop vocals and an eye-fuck music video. Sleigh Bells have always delivered everything with style. Each music video, performance, album cover and song has that cool vibe that makes you feel just as cool as you watch it. I always imagine that Sleigh Bells is me and my friend M.J. because I feel like we’re cool as hell and we’re about that life.

Sleigh Bells new album “Bitter Rivals” is scheduled for an October 18th release and the lead single of the same name is just enough Sleigh Bells and just enough artistic growth to keep stans and new listeners scratching our necks for more. This is definitely going to be the new song burning out my speakers, sorry Miley.

Lana Del Slay “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” Cover (Music Video)

Just when I was getting mad at Lana for disappearing and not doing anything musically, she comes out with “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” and I am overwhelmed. First, I watched the video in my car, before school, on my phone and was not impressed. Then, I kept thinking about it throughout the day and I am now at the point where I feel that this is brilliant. Just Lana and an acoustic guitar, bare minimum. Very reminiscent of her Lizzy Grant days and the “Lana Del Rey A.K.A. Lizzy Grant” album.

Lana continues her homage to “how America used to be” with this cover of Leonard Cohen’s 1974 love song to Janis Joplin. Lana has created her own mystique, both visually and sonically. Bravo Lana!

Watch the Queen reign supreme below.