ZAYN – “iT’s YoU” Music Video

What a f*cking great track. So subdued, smooth, with a lil’ groove. The video itself looks like a movie Vogue Magazine photo.

I’m one of those who gets really hyped on something and I want everything that has to do with whatever it is. Like, I want to preorder ZAYN’s album, buy concert tickets, and wear ZAYN panties right now.


Troye Sivan “Youth” Music Video

Troye reminds me of when I was a little gay boy growing up. Well,  the things that Troye portrays in his videos are things that EVERYONE can relate to. The video for “Youth” focuses on just that, Troye being himself in a youthful setting having fun, flirting, and dancing in purple light.

I remember, wait, what am I saying? Correction: Earlier today, I was dancing in the doorway to the restroom before I dropped a few nuggets in the toilet, pretending I was Troye in the “Youth” video before I even watched it. I am so influential.

“Youth” is my jam right now. It makes me so happy. I listen to it on a loop while I run on the treadmill, holding my chest down with my forearm.

Rihanna Feat. Drake “Work” Music Video To Premiere Monday

A teaser for the long awaited video for Rihanna’s “Work” is scheduled to premiere on Monday. Got a good lil’ vibe from the video. Won’t be anything stunning, but it’ll give a nice visual to the song.

Now that I think about it. The teaser reminds me of Beyonce’s “Baby Boy.” The part where she sings “in a dark, dark corner of a basement party.” I liked that video.


Come 11:30 PM PST time, no other song will matter for, I’d say, the next week. Adele is back after selling over 30 million copies of her previous album, “21.” The rumored promo for “25” is sensational, unique, and an all-out event. Curiosity surrounds the album regarding how the album will sound, topics of the songs, and also with streaming becoming more dominant and physical album sales dwindling even more so, how the album will fare sales wise.

Adele tweeted an open letter yesterday explaining how she approached “25” and apologized for the 4 year wait.

I seriously want to quit my job and just report on all things Adele. As you all know, I’m obsessed with Lana Del Rey and she has unique ways of marketing, but Lana seems to be scaling back on television performances and all things “being in the spotlight.” Whereas Adele will dominate EVERYTHING.

The track listing last also been released and I’m glad she doesn’t have 99 songs on it. A good, solid, 11 songs. Hopefully none are “filler” tracks, but we’ll have to wait and see.

1. Hello
2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
3. I Miss You
4. When We Were Young
5. Remedy
6. Water Under The Bridge
7. River Lea
8. Love In The Dark
9. Million Years Ago
10. All I Ask
11. Sweetest Devotion

I’m excited, elated, and stressed. Stressed because I know getting tickets to her tour will be a damn Olympic obstacle.

Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean?” Music Video

I was just reading some of the YouTube comments about his video and people were saying he needs help with his hair. I really like Justin’s hair like this. His style in general has been on point this year.

The video has me thinking, “Are you fucking kidding?” because it just seemed like a lame concept when they both get kidnapped. Then, when its revealed its all a plan to get the girl an underground skate party, I thought, “Okay Justin, I see you. You’re into kidnapping and making girls piss their thongs so  you can ‘swoop’ them off their feet. Nice.” I’m kidding, but not really.

Justin’s nipples are also not very centered. Nothing wrong with it, just haven’t seen nips like that before. I’m one to talk though, mine look like Hershey Kisses. All pointy.

Taylor Swift Gives “Wildest Dreams” A Dramatic and Cinematic Music Video

While I am not a part of Taylor Nation, I am a fan of Taylor Swift. Her career just keeps blossoming from era to era.

Taylor’s latest single for “Wildest Dreams” gets a gorgeous visual to accompany the equally beautiful song. I can definitely get behind a music video that you can pause at almost any part and it looks like it belongs in the September issue of Vogue. Yeah, I know I just posted about Miley Cyrus’ new video and its actually a perfect example of how different mainstream artists are. While I can’t say Miley doesn’t care about her career, it just appears that way.

Here’s how I see it: Miley has accomplished so much already and has made more money than any person could ever need in a lifetime, so she feels that she can “experiment” with her music and be camp, silly, and really not take it seriously. Taylor Swift on the other hand is busy defining what it is to be a pop star. Catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, engaging music videos, and just downright letting her fans know that she knows they exist by giving them EVERYTHING; fabulous music videos and lavish live performances just to name the a few major ones.

I’ll stop gabbing. Watch below.

Side-note: It seems like this video would have gone great with “Style” too, you know, because of the James Dean line and how styled the video is.

Lana Del Rey Underwhelms With “High By The Beach” Music Video

Lana, are you mad at me? The video for “High By The Beach” left me thinking, “What did I do wrong?”

Throughout the video, Lana aimlessly runs around a furniture-less home, flipping through a tabloid, serving face and flowing lingerie as a paparazzi helicopter takes photos of her. Oh, but wait a minute, then she goes down to the beach, grabs a guitar case, pulls out a bazooka that doesn’t even remotely fit into the guitar case and blows the helicopter up.

Before ya’ll burn me alive, I am a Lana STAN. I’ve learned how to play Lana’s songs on piano, an I pretend to be her in a music video while I’m driving down Pacific Coast Highway, listening to “American” and “Yayo,” But, the song and video for “High By The Beach” leave so much to be desired. I’d prefer Lana do release another video like “Ultraviolence” compared to this. I mean, heres to Lana trying new things…

Lana Del Rey “High By The Beach” Out Tomorrow. Watch the 2 Teasers Now.

So, I guess Lana knows that I was scheduled a breakfast shift tomorrow morning because thats when she decided she wanted to release the video for “High By The Beach.” Fitting.

I’m a little nervous for the video because she’s holding a huge bazooka while wearing a flowing (just found out “flowy” is not a word) lingerie set. Man, and also, while I’m being a Negative Nancy, I don’t really care for the song. Hear me out, I’ve tried so hard to love it, but I just can’t. I think the song sounds hollow. I mean, I can never really relate to Lana’s lyrics because I’m not into daddies, don’t wear baby doll, red dresses, and I don’t hang out on Hollywood and Vine all the time, but I can usually find a line that just makes me cry because its so beautiful. The chorus is nice.

Watch the 2 teasers for “High By The Beach” below and also check out the other Lana stories, under the categories section,  I’ve posted in the past, for the nostalgia dah-ling.

Video Premiere: Fergie “L.A. Love (La La)”

What can I say about Fergie? I mean, she grew up in Southern California and is an honorary chola. She loves lipliner, flannel, and lowrider cars as proven by her latest music video for “L.A. Love (La La).” The video takes place in L.A., fitting, and she is cruising down the street in what can only be seen as a Dia De Los Muertos, Day of the Dead, parade float. The video has some great visuals; Fergie’s body is always on point, her hair is cute, costumes are Swap-Meet chic, but the song remains subpar. Now, the song starts off great. The bass line is killer and the bridge makes your head nod. I just can’t get over imagining people all over the world singing “La, la, la, la, la.” I know I’m taking that “lyric” literally, but coming from a cool, roll down your windows, chill-out vibe the going into some “la, la, la’s” reminds me of being a Smurf.

Oh, and I can’t help but get Gwen Stefani vibes from Fergie, again.