Lana Del Rey “Freak” Video Premiere

So, last week Lana Del Rey decided to treat Los Angeles to a premiere of her new video for “Freak” at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California. Well, it just so happens that I live close enough to go, so I did just that. My bf and I bought our $5 tickets and drove to L.A. listening to “Freak” to get in the mood. To be honest, “Freak” isn’t and wasn’t my favorite off of “Honeymoon.” I’m more of a “Honeymoon,” “Music To Watch Boys To,” “The Blackest Day” kind of guy.

Okay, so we get there and the line is wrapped around the building, like, the end of the line is nearly connected to the front. I see that and immediately get discouraged, but then I thought, they have to let us in, we have a purchased ticket. So, we get in and get great spots on the floor. It’s not as packed as I thought it was going to be. Emma Roberts kept staring at us, probably because we were staring at her, I spotted Lana’s sister, Chuck, and the girls from “Music To Watch Boys To.”

We bought two premiere posters to commemorate the experience and to match our little Tropico posters. Lana comes out, sings “Honeymoon,” “West Coast,” and “Video Games” with piano and guitar accompanists and I nearly crap my pants. Like, I had to stand and cross my legs so the voodoo didn’t slip out of my sweaty crack.

Once Lana gets to showing the video, I’m excited, but also hungry. So, I ask my bf if he wants to leave early and go eat. I know, I’m selfish and should have wanted to stay so I could be face to face with Lana and ask her where the hell “Life is Beautiful” is, but I was so hungry I started to nibble on the skin around my fingernails.

All in all, the show was awesome and it was freaking $5. I mean, who knows when Lana will announce a proper concert?






The Weeknd Surprises L.A. With Lana Del Rey on The Madness Tour

I kid you not, I had just finished telling my boyfriend “wouldn’t it be cool if Lana came out and sang “Prisoner”with The Weeknd?”

Then, bam! Lana slides onto the stage like the chanteuse she is and I acted a damn fool. I started to scream like a 12  year old girl who just saw Justin Bieber’s weenie pics for the first time.

Lana Releases “Music To Watch Boys To” Music Video

Why wouldn’t I be walking into my first class of the day when Lana released the video for “Music To Watch Boys To?” Lana likes to release things when I’m in class. Ah, well. I had to wait 4 hours to watch, but when I did I was so happy I could die. See what I did there?

The video is black and white, with a splash of color. Lana looks gorgeous and the backgrounds were cute and a little kitsch. It reminded me a little of “Video Games” with spliced vintage clips mixed with scenes of Lana, but this time, most of the clips were filmed specifically for this video (except the pink flamingos.) While I do miss the crisp, high quality, bigger budget videos Lana started with, i.e.: “Born To Die,” “Blue Jeans,” I do like that Lana is keeping true to how she wants her image to be portrayed. Here’s to at least ONE more video from the “Honeymoon” era.

Clutch your pears below.

Lana Del Rey Performs 3 Songs on BBC Radio 1

We need an Unplugged session from Lana Del Rey, ASAP.

Lana just finished an interview and performance on BBC Radio 1 and it was one of the better interviews that we’ve gotten from her since the start of her career. While the interview session was a bit short, the questions and answers were well thought out, full, and you could hear the passion and excitement from Lana as she answered them. Lana talked about how she loved the word “Honeymoon,” which is why she used it for the album, how much artistic freedom her labels grant her, and that she has started writing again a few months ago. More information than we got from the Apple Music session.

Lana also gave 3 of the strongest live performances she’s given in a long while. Lana performed “High By The Beach,” “Terrence Loves You,” and “Honeymoon.” “High By The Beach” was good, but the studio version is far superior. “Terrence Loves You” was goddamn magic. The intro, the vulnerability in Lana’s vocals, the highs and lows her voice passed through, bliss. I have to say that “Honeymoon” was my favorite though. This version was minus the strings and opened with an electric guitar, played gently. I imagine this is how “Honeymoon” would have sounded if this era were a continuation of “Ultraviolence,” sonically. Stripped down, gorgeous, sparse, elegant, and gritty.

Get into the Lana Del Rey Experience at the link below:

Barrie James O’ Neill Featuring Lana Del Rey “Riverside” Leaks

If you’re a Lana Del Rey fan, then you know that there are literally hundreds of Lana songs that have leaked online. It always seems that the ones that fans anticipate leaking, never do. See “Life is Beautiful.” Well, “Riverside” a duet with fellow musician and ex-lover Barrie Janes O’ Neill has finally founds its way through my speakers and into my big, Dumbo ears. The song is haunting, eerie, beautiful, and lush. Its a no-brainer why Lana was a part of this song. While its not going to end up my favorite song that Lana has been a part of, I definitely will add this to a Lana Del Playlist I have going on Apple Music.

Sway along below.

BBC Radio 1 Premieres “Salvatore” From “Honeymoon.” Lana Talks Album Signings in New York and Los Angeles

Just got home from Disneyland and all I could think about was if a HQ version of “Honeymoon” was released online. I couldn’t look Mickey in the eye without thinking of I could be bumpin’ “Honeymoon” in its entirety down Pacific Coast Highway. Well, I came home to something equally as exciting; “Salvatore” being played on Radio 1 and news that Lana will not only sign albums in London, but New York and Los Angeles as well.

There are no details on when she’ll do the New York and Los Angeles signings, but I’m already getting anxiety. I remember when I drove to Los Angeles to wait in line for “Tropico” tickets and it was stressful as hell. So many people, talks of being too far back in line, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Listen to “Salvatore” below and also listen as the interviewer asks Lana if she’s ever worked on a soundtrack before. I mean, The Great Gatsby, Maleficent, Big Eyes…?

BBC Radio 1 Interview & Salvatore

Stills From the “Music To Watch Boys To” Video

Lana Del Rey just posted 3 stills from the “Music To Watch Boys To” music video via Instagram. The still have Lana and a few lady friends submerged in water kissing and touching, how Lana. No word as to when the video will be released, but I’m going to assume Friday which would be album release day.

Okay, so I released my shift on Friday so I could do two things: hang out with my boyfriend who has been out of town for a week, working. And, so he and I can sit and listen to “Honeymoon” together with candles lit, wine, and a tasty little dinner. Although, I’m pretty annoyed that I preordered the red vinyl off Lana’s official store because I won’t get it Friday or before. It’s scheduled for delivery Saturday. What’s the point of preordering something if you can’t enjoy it the day its released.


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Urban Outfitters First Listen of “Honeymoon”

So, I should be styling my hair and shaving my face right now because I have to work at 2pm, but I can’t get away from the computer because I am listening to “Honeymoon.” No, not the song, the full freakin’ album dude! I’m on Periscope right now and a guy named Nathan is doing a live feed of the full album. It’s low quality, but hey, I still pooped my panties.

Urban Outfitters is also live tweeting exclusive images for each song on the album. Pretty much, I think they’re tweeting the album art, which is still something new we haven’t seen yet.

Click all the links to listen and view, I have to get ready for work.

“Music To Watch Boys To” Adds Another Hypnotic Layer To Honeymoon Album

I was dying that “Music To Watch Boys To” was coming out 9:30 AM California time because I would be in my piano class. So, once class let out I scurried to my next class extra early, sat there with my headphones on and searched feverishly for a link to listen to the song. Of course my school has dookie for wi-fi and bad signal for my phone. Eventually, I found it and fell in love. I’d say this is my second favorite from the record thus far.

Honeymoon > Music To Watch Boys To > Terrence Loves You > High By The Beach

Listen to “Music To Watch Boys To” and a short interview at the link HERE.

Watch the Album Trailer for Lana Del Rey’s “Honeymoon”

Lana, why do you have to do this to us? You give us everything and nothing, at the same time. Everything in the sense that we get a trailer for the album, a damn trailer for an album like its a blockbuster summer movie. Nothing because we couldn’t squeeze a live televised performance out of you for any track off “Ultraviolence” and it’ll probably be the same for “Honeymoon.” Ah, well. Can’t have it all, can we?

The trailer for “Honeymoon” has visuals we haven’t seen before. Of course, it’s vintage and grimy looking with a valencia Instagram filter, but its expected from Lana these days. We get a preview of four songs off “Honeymoon,” two we have heard in full, if you’re up on your game, and two we have never heard. We’ve heard “Terrance Loves You” and “High By The Beach,” but its cool to have this visual to see the music sort of dance to. The two new tracks are “Freak” and the highly anticipated “Music To Watch Boys To.” Both tracks give off the heavy, melancholy vibe sonically. “Music To Watch Boys To” sounds nearly a cappella with very light music underneath the vocals.

It’s promising to see these visuals because there are four minutes worth, so that means Lana took some time to film different scenes, in different places, with different ideas in her mind. Hopefully, this means a lot more visuals this time around. I’m such a fan of Lana’s music videos, even the ones I don’t really care for are superb, like “High By The Beach.” The more I watch it, the more I appreciate it until it gets to the bazooka in the guitar case part, then I side-eye the screen.