Justin Timberlake Shades Kanye On SNL

My girl JT has started his promo for “The 20/20 Experience” and homeboy took it home on Saturday Night Live with the best performance of “Suit & Tie” thus far and “Mirrors.” The set was giving me Ricky Ricardo vibes and JT was looking dapper in his 2 piece. Justin’s vocals were on point and his subtle change to a line in “Suit & Tie” was some of the most subtle shade I’ve ever heard, Mariah Carey level if you will, and I love it. If you recall, Kanye went on a tirade about “Suit & Tie,” cooperations funding artists (Beyonce) and a bunch of other non-sense. Well, JT was all like, “no” so he changed the line from “shit’s so sick got a hit and picked up a habit” to “my hit’s so sick got rappers acting dramatic.”

All T. All Shade.

Kanye West Shades Beyonce Without Shading Beyonce

Kanye is a mess. I thought he was obsessed with The Carters. Kanye rants about artists taking money from big money cooperations, specifically drink cooperations, and using the money to financially support their shows. West goes into a sarcastic tirade and says that he’ll go back to his old look wearing pink polo shirts, he needs a new pool for his backyard and if he gets a sponsorship, he’ll make money for the cooperation because if he says the product is cool, his fans will think its cool.

This dude is wacky. I love “My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy,” but Kanye’s public persona is diarrhea.

Rihanna “Diamonds” Featuring Kanye West

I don’t know how I feel about this feature. When I first learned that Kanye had a feature on “Diamonds” I thought to myself, “this is going to make me snatch my own wig.” Honestly, I “nothing” it. Kanye’s verses are usually so attention grabbing, but this one made my eyes glaze over and all I could think about is what I am going to wear to dinner tomorrow.


Thatta Girl, Pink!

Pink is projected to top the Billboard 200 with her album “The Truth About Love.” With first week estimates of 250k-275k, if Pink pulls in a#1 album it will be her first #1 album, her best first week numbers yet and she will best Kanye West’s compilation album “Cruel Summer” which is projected to sell 170k-190k.

Get it girl. You don’t get enough praise here in the states. Get your #1 and then flip us all off, you deserve it.

The Part When You Remember Nicki Minaj Is Good…

As a featured artist in someone else’s song:

Trey Songz, “Bottom’s Up”

Kanye West, “Monster”

Ludacris, “My Chick Bad”

Drake, “Make Me Proud”

Britney Spears, “Till The World Ends (Remix)”

Big Sean “Dance (Ass) Remix”

David Guetta “Turn Me On”

Birdman “Y U Mad”

And the list can go on.

I am adding this new B.O.B. song to this list. The song, the beat, his verse, HER verse. Mama likes.