Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean?” Acoustic Video

Justin Bieber released a video for an acoustic performance of “What Do You Mean?” There are scenes of Justin sitting and singing alongside a guitarist spliced with scenes of Justin jumping into a lake, skateboarding in New York before his Tonight Show appearance, and walking the red carpet at this years MTV Video Music Awards.

The acoustic version has a cool vibe and I’m usually all about acoustic versions, but I feel like the original version is superior. It’s just a good song to wiggle your shoulders to at a red light, in traffic.


Diplo and Skrillex Give Intelligent & Insightful Interview About Electronic Music

Diplo and Skrillex, known as Jack Ü when together, gave one of the most intelligent and insightful interviews about their current and future projects and their opinions on the state of the music industry. The pair go on to describe the process in making their international hit “Where Are Ü Now?” with Justin Bieber. Both Skrillex and Diplo praise Justin Beiber for his talent while making the record and compliment his skateboarding skills.

What I found most interesting about the interview is that Diplo’s voice is extremely deep. I could feel his voice in my bones, no joke. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but guy’s voice is deep. Seriously though, I always find it intriguing how different artists feel about the music industry itself. Some embrace the business aspect of it, and others such as Skrillex and Diplo, embrace the future and progressiveness that will continue to occur. i.e.: Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, TIDAL, etc.

Watch something more than an interview about a shallow pop star talking about something shallow. But, by all means watch that junk afterward, like I’m about to do.

Justin Bieber Gives A Cute Performance of “What Do You Mean?” With The Roots on The Tonight Show

Justin’s style is adorable this era, know what I mean?

All kidding aside, Justin’s outfit and performance of “What Do You Mean?” was pretty cool. He was into it, did a little slide of foot action to get the girls and gays screaming, and his vocals were smooth. This performance was far better than the one he did on the MTV Video Music Awards.

The Tonight Show performance was subdued, but cool at the same time. The Roots always kill it when they perform with guest artists.

During the interview session, Justin also explains why he got so emotional after his VMA performance. A mixture of wanting to be accepted by the public again, missing a few cues during the performance, and being back on stage performing made Justin shed a few tears.

Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean?” Music Video

I was just reading some of the YouTube comments about his video and people were saying he needs help with his hair. I really like Justin’s hair like this. His style in general has been on point this year.

The video has me thinking, “Are you fucking kidding?” because it just seemed like a lame concept when they both get kidnapped. Then, when its revealed its all a plan to get the girl an underground skate party, I thought, “Okay Justin, I see you. You’re into kidnapping and making girls piss their thongs so  you can ‘swoop’ them off their feet. Nice.” I’m kidding, but not really.

Justin’s nipples are also not very centered. Nothing wrong with it, just haven’t seen nips like that before. I’m one to talk though, mine look like Hershey Kisses. All pointy.

Justin Bieber Reveals “What Do You Mean?” Song and Lyric Video

After a thirty day, star-studded, social media promo campaign, Justin Bieber unleashes both the song and lyric video for his new single, “What Do You Mean?”

“What Do You Mean?” marks Bieber’s second single of the year, the first being the summer smash, “Where Are You Now?”with Jack Ü. “What Do You Mean?” follows a similar sonic pattern as “Where Are You Now?” so we get a vibe for what Justin’s forthcoming album will sound like.

I like the song. It’s not as infectious as “Where Are You Now?” but I thought the same thing about “Where Are You Now?” before I got obsessed with it.

The lyric video features Ryan Sheckler and Chelsea Castro skateboarding through what looks like Los Angeles. At the end of the video, Justin is shirtless and looking beefy. There’s also a point where I thought Justin and Ryan were going to kiss because their faces are really close together, they don’t, but, totally worth it.

Get your bounce on below.

Caution: Wet Floor Sign

Someone get a mop and bucket or some heavy duty paper towels because Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters” features a shirtless scene in which he grabs his weenie and jellybeans then thrusts it. I mean, to each their own, but it doesn’t look sexy to me and I’m a gay. It looks like me in the mirror trying to do sexy choreography before I shower.

I will say this; the song’s vibe is excellent. I have a soggy spot for mid-tempo tracks on albums.

Justin Bieber’s Open Letter To The Press

Did anyone read this? I did. What the fuck? Justin and her simple grammatical errors posted a message via Instagram and its full of cockiness and brings down another celebrity in order to shine a “good” light on herself. Justin needs a reality check. She needs to remember that when she wipes her ass, it has caca smears. She has days when her shit is creamy like peanut butter and her breath smells like piss in the morning. Excuse my mouth, but Justin is foul. She also says that she knows how talented she is. Girl, stop. Just stop. No one is checking for you anymore. You can talk pretty and you wiggle around the stage like you have leg braces on.


First YouTube Video To Get 1 Billion Views Is Not Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga

Justin Bieber was on his way to 1 billion views on a single video with “Baby,” until Psy blindsided everyone with his massive hit “Gangnam Style.” “Gangnam Style” has passed the 1 billion mark and continues to get around 7-10 million views a day. When will your fave?

As of this article, Justin Bieber’s “Baby” has 815,952,431 YouTube views. This is funny, “Baby” has 1,488,278 likes and 3,286,353 dislikes. Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” has 502,119,359 YouTube views and has 694,328 likes and  148,507 dislikes. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” also carries the record for Most Likes on a YouTube video, boasting 6,398762 likes and a measly 492,713 dislikes.

Just for the sake of a Stan War, Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” only has 37,506,497 views. You might be asking, “what does Christina have to do with any of these artists or how does she fit in with this story? The answer, its fun to make fun.

Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber Rock The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Stage

Rihanna tore that Victoria’s Secret runway up! Performing “Phresh Out The Runway” and “Diamonds” from her #1 album “Apologetic,” homegirl is about to rack up those sales. Both performances were killer. The vocals on “Diamonds” were excellent and her outfits were on point, sexy and appropriate for the occasion. Rihanna eye-f*cked every single one of those Angels during “Phresh Out The Runway.” Get it Rih-Rih!

Bruno Mars is twerking that promo train, hard. “Unorthodox Jukebox,” Mars’ sophomore album, is due in stores December 11th and I am seeing this guy everywhere. Maybe its because I’m a STAN, but he is doing things right and he should have no problem getting that #1 debut spot. Bruno and his dancing band took the stage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and performed the hell out of “Locked Out Of Heaven.” A sexy song about a sexy woman with sexy women strutting around the stage? Very fitting. I’m going to need the big ass hat at 1:35 in the “Locked Out Of Heaven” performance video.

Bruno turned things down fifteen notches and performed “Young Girls” and now I’m a mess. Such a crooner. I have a mini crush on this mini man. Let’s be real, he’s about 5’8″ and those models are all 5’10” and up. It’s cute though because he’s wearing a hat. Hats make everything better. The Angels are serving up Vegas Showgirl realness, without the tacky. Me gusta.

Justin Bieber then took the stage and performed an acoustic version of his mild hit “As Long As You Love Me.” Girl, no. His whiney voice is so, whiney. He didn’t make me want to throw my panties at the screen. In fact, I had the opposite reaction. I pushed my chonies up my butt. He doesn’t deserve my big ol’ chonies! Bieber finished his two song set with “Beauty And A Beat.” Now, I love my pop music, I do. I just cannot get into his music. It’s not my thang. I also can’t get into his performances. His dancing is weaker than Britney Spears’ during the “Femme Fatale” era. Sure Justin, rank in the dough, but don’t make it seem like you’re putting any effort in. His outfit was dumb too. Pull your pants up young man and don’t ever wear that vest again. That vest was disgusting!

“Call Me Maybe” Slowed Down 1000%

It sounds like the end of an epic battle scene in Lord of the Rings or God shining his light down on Earth while he takes away all the genuinely good people of the world. It sounds euphoric, it sounds nothing like what the song is really like.

If you have a good 33 minutes to spare, do something beautiful like cry into a bowl and wash your face with your tears to this beautiful hymn.