“Make Me Like You” Live on Jimmy Kimmel

The live performance of “Make Me Like You” was ight. It doesn’t have replay value for me. But the song is definitely stuck in my head. I can’t get enough of when she sings “Oh, God!” For some reason, the whole sound of that with the music get me like, YEAH!


Gwen Stefani “Make Me Like You”

Okay, Gwen. I see you. I see that you’re taking this solo comeback seriously now. After last years lukewarm “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Spark the Fire,” Gwen is taking us, her fans, seriously once again. I tried so hard to like “Baby Don’t Lie,” but it was a shame. I couldn’t even pretend to like it. It was just so whatever to me. “Spark the Fire” I liked for a week, if I remember correctly. My bf kept asking me to stop trying to make him like the song, so I obliged.

“Make Me Like You” follows Gwen’s first official single “Used To Love You” off of her forthcoming album “This Is What the Truth Feels Like” due March 18th. “Make Me Like You” is very Gwen; funky melody, throwback sound, and the poppiest of pop. I mean, if you’re going to dabble in pop music, might as well do it right. Right?

The video is cute too. A live video that was shot during a commercial break during the Grammy Awards, the video had set changes, costume changes, dancers, confetti, and the Target logo. Yeah, I get that Target paid for the video, but dang, at least use some Threshold furniture or use a bottle of up&up lotion for your elbows. Be discreet about the sponsorship in the video. But, its cute.


No Doubt “Looking Hot” Music Video

I really want to like No Doubt’s new material, but I just feel it is too safe sounding. Although, I did get into the video for “Looking Hot.” Gwen and the boys are just that, looking hot. A classic tale of Cowboys vs. Indians, the outfits and costuming are amazing. Gwen is an ageless beauty and the guys are getting better with age.

The video is going to get backlash for their usage of Native American culture and clothing. They need all the publicity they can get, this come back needs some steam.

Ashlee Simpson’s Weak Attempt At A Comeback

Trashlee Ashlee Simpson revealed a teaser video of a new song and video she will officially release on November 21st, titled “Bat For A Heart.” Welp, the name of the song itself sounds like its trying so hard to be ironically metaphoric and the song and video teaser we were “treated” to on Halloween was a low budget dud.

I liked it when Ashlee copied Gwen Stefani with “Outta My Head.” That was a nice little tune. I feel with this teaser Ashlee is trying to be organic, raw and real. When she explains the concept and process of the album, I guarantee that she will describe it as such, “raw, real and organic.”

Ashlee Simpson’s comeback will be as successful as Solange’s career is. Take that as you may.

Watch paint dry below.

No Doubt “Push and Shove” Video

Eh. Gwen looks good, the song is decent but the video is just them jumping up and down, sitting in chairs and squishing together to get in front of the camera. Sure, I get it. It’s fun and light hearted, but I’m not here for that. No Doubt has been hyping up their own comeback for YEARS. I mean, I saw them about 4 years ago when they toured to “get inspired” and now here we are in 2012 and they are releasing very uninspired material. There is nothing special about anything they’re releasing, this might as well be a B-side album from what I’ve heard so far.