Troye Sivan’s WILD (Blue Neighborhood Part 1/3) is Painstakingly Beautiful

Before Taylor Swift tweeted about Troye Sivan the other day, I had never heard of him. What got my interested was Taylor wrote #EPgoals. Done deal for me. If Taylor Swift is endorsing this guy, somethings got to be right. So, I took a few days, and didn’t look Troye up until this morning. I watched the video for WILD and was completely blown away. The song is beautiful. Troye’s voice is refreshing, #voicegoals. And the video is a depiction of a reality that I, as a gay man, can finally relate to.

The video matched with the song is nothing new, story wise. Starts off with two kids becoming best friends and ends with their friendship becoming a relationship as they grow older, together. Seems fairly standard. What makes the video so appealing to me is that the two friends are males. The video brought out so many emotions for me because that little boy in the video represented me at that age.

In second grade,  I remember loving to play with my best friend Richard Skelton at recess. We would sit together during class and during lunch, we would share snacks. I remember thinking to myself, I want to hug Richard and hold his hand because I saw people do it on TV and some boys at school would hold girl’s hands and hug them, and vice versa. Though, I had those thoughts, I clearly remember talking myself out of the hug/hand holding situation because I had never witnessed two males interacting like that. I knew it was a different action and, at the time, I knew that I should keep my feelings to myself. Richard and I remained friends until he switched schools in fifth grade. I actually don’t remember being sad about it, I’m a stone cold bitch.

The importance of a music video like this, no matter how big or small the impact, is immeasurable. To see something that you can fully relate to in anyway gives you this overwhelming sensation of being connected.

Now, I usually try to give all the info about an artist/song then throw in a funny little ditty, but I can’t be as emotionally attached to this work and then critique it. So, uh…fart-bubble.


FKA twigs Surprise Releases M3LL155X EP

Gah! I was FKA twigs to be the Aaliyah of today’s music scene, so bad! She almost had me thinking just that when I was first introduced to “Two Weeks.” The video made twigs look very Aaliyah in Queen of the Damned and the performances of “Two Weeks”  sent me over the edge, especially her performance on Jimmy Fallon: 

While I see that I want what I cannot have, I’ll accept the fact that twigs is a little R&B and a little avant grade in her music and visual approach. The video below is a short film music video for 4/5 tracks on the M3LL155X EP:

  1. Figure 8
  2. I’m Your Doll
  3. In Time
  4. Glass & Patron
  5. Mothercreep (no visual)

I’m leaning more toward the “In Time” and “Glass & Patron” visuals. Again, Aalyiah vibes.

Lana Del Rey Live at O2 Apollo Manchester

Since Lana decided to skip over the U.S. on the latest leg of her Paradise Tour, finally we all get to see some high quality footage of 2 of her performances. “Ride” and “Born To Die” in 720 HD with full strings and Lana SLAYING the stage and those vocals. Del Slay has gained so much confidence on stage and it is beautiful. The stage set up and Lana looked stunning.

Hey, Lana! When are we going to get a chance to overplay “Tropico” girl?

Lana Del Rey Makes Jesus Cry With “Burning Desire” Video

(No, not that Jesus. I’m referring to myself.)

Well, well, well. Lana must have finally gotten around to reading because she has delivered a new music video and I might need to call in sick at work because it is sickening. Lana is gorge beyond belief and my Queen is giving me a performance like I’ve never seen her give. When she sings “I’m driving fast, flash, everyone knows it,” her hand gestures and body language are giving me chanteuse, Mariah Carey, Jessica Rabbit and diva all in one. The video itself is just like a long commercial for the Jaguar F-Type that she is a spokeswoman for.

I’m a STAN, so I’m never satisfied. Give me the video for “Cola” girl. Gimme!


Jaguar’s Short Film “Desire” Teaser With “Burning Desire” As The Soundtrack

Gorgeous cinematography and Lana Del Rey’s music go hand in hand as evidenced by Lana’s videography. Now, a short film in collaboration with director Ridley Scott is on the verge of release in junction with the new Jaguar F-Type and “Burning Desire” plays as the soundtrack for the short film. “Burning Desire” is an iTunes only bonus track on Lana’s EP “Paradise” and embodies sleek, stealth, sexiness and a liberty that will only elevate the film.

Lana Del Rey “Ride” Live On Langs de Leeuw

Lana Del Rey invites us into her Queendom of Music and blesses us with an acoustic performance of “Ride” while showing off her new up-do. Okay, I know that I STAN for the girl, but this performance was exquisite. Her voice and face emotes so much pain and you can see that she pristinely remembers the details of the experience while she sings the lyrics. Not a bum note to be had here and I am proud to STAN for Lana.

When will your favorite give a performance like the one below?

Ke$ha “Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You” Leak

A slow, mellow tune that is a total departure for the pop star, Ke$ha proves that she has heart and shows off her vocal ability. $, is no vocal acrobat, but she works with the talent she has and you can hear the feeling and emotion in her voice. As I’ve stated before, I am all about Ke$ha’s ballads. They are well written pop songs that are straight to the point and are relatable. Excuse me while I sit in my car before my shift tonight and bump this in the parking lot. Not sorry about it.

Lana Del Rey “Ride” Live Performance

Lana, those vocals…

I’m a delusional STAN though.


“Lotus” To Debut With Lower Numbers Than “Bionic”

Can we talk about the first day sale predictions for this week in pop music? Christina, Xtina, Legend X, come on. “Lotus” is set to open with an amateur 75-80k, when the flop, “Bionic” opened with 110k. Christina did little to no promotion for the album, except being on “The Voice” twice a week, a music video for “Your Body” and a live performance on the aforementioned “The Voice” last night. Something is up when newcomer Lana Del Rey is opening with similar numbers on her re-release “Paradise” with projected sales of 65-70k.

One Direction are sure to take the #1 spot with sales of 525-575k while The Weeknd has projected numbers of 95-105K with three albums that have been available for free for over a year and only three new tracks.

Maybe we’re putting too much hype into Christina’s work and we all just need to let things be. Sure, she came out at a time when the teen pop craze was at its most popular and her sales since have not been the same, but for an artist who has been in the industry this long, we just expect more commercial success. “Lotus” is not a bad album, but its also not a memorable album or a promoted album.


Win An iTunes download of “Lotus” Or “Paradise” EP


This is my first giveaway. I thought I’d start small, but bountiful. I’m giving two lucky readers a chance to win an iTunes copy of Christina Aguilera’s “Lotus” album or Lana Del Rey’s “Paradise” EP, both released today.

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The winners will be chosen by me based on the Twitter creativity and reasons why you love Christina or Lana.

The winner will automatically be gifted the iTunes copy of their album before midnight, California time.

Keep it creative. Keep it cute.