Kelly Clarkson Cries During “Piece By Piece” Performance on American Idol

Kelly Clarkson is the greatest vocalist of my generation.


Mariah Carey’s “Almost Home” Music Video

Well, at least Mariah isn’t wearing a bikini on the beach, frolicking around like she weighs 110lbs when her titties alone weigh 110lbs. Now, I love me some Mariah but lets keep it real, she has had many looks that weren’t so flattering. In the video for “Almost Home” which is lifted from the soundtrack to “OZ The Great and Powerful,” Mariah keeps it simple, classy and windy. What is a Mariah Carey video is her hair just sits on her head and shoulders? Those straightened then curled locks need to float all around that face and voice. It’s like her voice is orchestrating her hair to do what she wants. The video is lackluster but thank goodness it’s not H.A.T.E.U.

Am I right? Or am I right?

Mariah Carey: Blackout

So, few posts down I was complaining about how the Barbara Walters interview was too short and boring and didn’t give us anything new. Well, the interview is still short as hell, but all of us who know and love Mariah Shady will die over this clip. Not only does Barbara recite Nicki Minaj lyrics, pretty much calling Mariah Carey a bitch, but Babs asks Mariah if she is the bitch Nicole is referring to. Mariah’s response is priceless. Mariah is not throwing shade, she blacked the room out. Mariah went and stole the sun, took the sunlight away. Mariah eclipsed Nicki. Watch the clip to see what I mean.


Mariah Interview With Barbara

I was three types of excited to watch Mariah get interview by Barbara and this is all I got. Really? A five minute segment about the Nicki Minaj fiasco? I was over that 10 minutes after I saw the video of a video of a video. Now, the video wasn’t all bad, we got to see Mariah pretend that she was recording a song in her home studio, that was fun. Also, MC in that white dress and black belted-thing was a blessing. “The Voice” looked like an angel in heels.

If you don’t want to hear anything new, watch the video below.

Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and Bruno Mars Perform on The Voice

Kelly burst onto the stage with her latest single “Catch My Breath” and she sang that song with such ease. The last two notes she hits at the end are pure bliss, the highlight of the performance. I know KeLEGEND is performing on The Voice, but get those two off  the stage. Their bland, lifeless voices made me mad.

Dang Rih! You a waitress? Serving them trained vocals on a silver platter. Like I’ve mentioned in previous Rih-Rih posts, her vocals this era have been top notch. Not only have he vocals been superb, her outfits are on.point. Mama loves it when a woman wears a nice pant suit and Rihanna pant suit was sparkly, chic and definitely something I would wear if I had legs.

Bruno’s live vocals are identical to his studio vocal, amazing. His stage presence gets me all hot and bothered. I like how you can see all of his teeth when he talks and sings. I need to get over this crush. The only way thats possible is if I see him in person and our height difference becomes a reality. Isn’t he like 5’5”? OMG, I just got to the part of the performance when he goes into his falsetto. Shaking. Crying.

Know what I’m a fan of? When an artist is performing and they pan to celebrities in the audience to show their reaction. I live for that. Christina was all into Bruno’s performance. Go Tina! Looking cute, rocking that bob wig.



Mariah Carey Puts the MC In Merry Christmas

Last night, Mariah performed two of her holiday classics on Christmas in Rockefeller Center and I feel like a proud poppa. Mariah is looking great, she has a twinkle in her eye and vocally, she was on it. I STAN for Queen Mariah, but let’s be real, sometimes she would serve vocal diarrhea and all I could do was sit there like it was me serving it. I cannot wait for the new album in early 2013 and when she tours, you know I’ll be there. I’m already saving up my change and the day before tickets are on sale I’ll be at CoinStar pushing my quarters, nickels and dimes down that loud slot.

While we’re on the subject of Mariah and Christmas, two years ago I had free tickets to watch her holiday special that was being filmed in Los Angeles. I was more than excited and I probably cried a few times just thinking about watching her dance around in a Santa hat. Back on track, so my sisters and I drive out to the venue only to see that the line is wrapped around the building. Like, the end of the line is touching the front of the line. Admission was not guaranteed as they were free and was overbooked in case ticket holders didn’t show. The line was so uninviting and it was cold and mama, me, was hungry. Like a glutton, I suggested that we skip the show and go to In N Out. My sisters were okay with it, but asked me if I was sure. At the time, I was sure. Who wants to stand in a long, cold line to see the biggest selling female artist of all time perform her Christmas classics? Not my fat ass, I wanted a Double Double with spread, pickle, and onion only with Animal Style Fries and a Dr. Pepper. Needless to say, I’m bitter about choosing a delicious double cheeseburger over Queen Mariah. I still cry at night during this time of year.

Carrie Underwood “Two Black Cadillacs” Music Video Trailer

Carrie Underwear has me breathing heavy. The trailer for her latest music video “Two Black Cadillacs” was released today and the trailer is giving me Amy Winehouse “Back To Black” vibes with the chic funeral hair and outfits. “Two Black Cadillacs” won’t premiere until January 2013, yeah, we’re still in November of 2012. What’s the hold up? Hell if I know, but this video better be a spectacle. As I’m watching, I better fan myself, clutch my pearls, gasp and replay the video six times in a row.

Carrie is so pretty! Carrie is so pretty! Carrie is so pretty!

Kelly Clarkson “Catch My Breath” Live On Ellen

Miss Kelly Clarkson in all her glory performing “Catch My Breath” on Ellen with perfect stage presence and perfect vocals. Kelly gracefully worked the stage and audience as she glided through her latest hit. Kelly looks and sounds wonderful and I was excited throughout the performance. Not only is Kelly a great performer, she is also very gracious. Always giving her band the recognition that they deserve because, after all, they are the ones providing the music for her voice to soar through. Take notes Rihanna.

Kelly Clarkson Greatest Hits Medley At The American Music Awards

Kelly graced us with a phenomenal performance at last night’s American Music Awards. Starting off performing in front of three judges seated in front of her, a la American Idol, Kelly belted “Miss Independent,” then melted into “Since U Been Gone,” “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” then finishing off with her latest hit “Catch My Breath.”

KeLEGEND is an assassin with her monster vocals. Yeah, she can belt, but she can also hit that soft spot in all of us when she sings softly and uses her natural tone. I can go on and on about how much I love Kelly as an artist. Sure, her music is safe, but it makes good for a road trip or karaoke night because come on, who doesn’t know the lyrics to at least one Kelly Clarkson hit?

Behind The Scenes of Nicki Minaj’s New Video “Freedom”

“Freedom” is a new track lifted from “Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up” and I’ve got to say, I’m curious about the EP of new tracks. From the snippets that I’ve heard, Nicole is coming back to snatch up a few wigs. “Freedom” is giving me “Moment For Life” vibes and I’m not mad about it.

In the clip, Nicki is being carried around a marshy area because she is wearing Alexander McQueen. You don’t walk in dirt while wearing McQueens unless you’re f*cking stupid. In another scene, one of her friends falls down like a clown and I peed a little from laughing. Nicki is wearing a pale pink, floral dress that I am dying over. NEVER has Nicki looked this good. The dress and the hair are giving me everything I could have ever wanted from her.