Taylor Swift Gives “Wildest Dreams” A Dramatic and Cinematic Music Video

While I am not a part of Taylor Nation, I am a fan of Taylor Swift. Her career just keeps blossoming from era to era.

Taylor’s latest single for “Wildest Dreams” gets a gorgeous visual to accompany the equally beautiful song. I can definitely get behind a music video that you can pause at almost any part and it looks like it belongs in the September issue of Vogue. Yeah, I know I just posted about Miley Cyrus’ new video and its actually a perfect example of how different mainstream artists are. While I can’t say Miley doesn’t care about her career, it just appears that way.

Here’s how I see it: Miley has accomplished so much already and has made more money than any person could ever need in a lifetime, so she feels that she can “experiment” with her music and be camp, silly, and really not take it seriously. Taylor Swift on the other hand is busy defining what it is to be a pop star. Catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, engaging music videos, and just downright letting her fans know that she knows they exist by giving them EVERYTHING; fabulous music videos and lavish live performances just to name the a few major ones.

I’ll stop gabbing. Watch below.

Side-note: It seems like this video would have gone great with “Style” too, you know, because of the James Dean line and how styled the video is.