Tinashe – “Company” Music Video

Story time!

A few months ago, I had a vague idea of the name Tinashe. I would see it written on music forums, scroll past and click on a thread of an artist I am familiar with. It wasn’t until Britney Spears released the video for “Slumber Party” featuring Tinashe that I even knew what she looked like. After enjoying “Slumber Party” a few times I heard what Tinashe sounded like, saw what she looked like and decided to YouTube a few of her videos. I can’t remember which I watched, but I wasn’t impressed or unimpressed. Her music and videos were just…there. And that was that.

My boyfriend and I road tripped to Ohio for Thanksgiving and the best part about a road trip, aside from my boyfriend being stuck in a car with me for hours, is the music. I played a bunch of Britney, Lana, Mariah, The Weeknd, The XX, Sleigh Bells, etc. After a while though, you kind of want something that you’re not familiar with, something fresh. So, on the way home at 10 P.M. we were listening to Britney Spears’ “Glory.” The album finished and I couldn’t think of an artist to listen to that we hadn’t already listened to and whose music matched the atmosphere of the night. I looked through new releases on AppleMusic and saw “Nightride” by Tinashe. I think the cover art had something to do with me choosing to listen to it because I clearly remember not being interested in Tinashe outside of “Slumber Party.” So, we listened and I was hooked!

“Nightride” is one of the better albums I listened to in 2016 and into 2017. I understand that the sound of “Nightride” is a little different that what Tinashe usually releases, but I hope its a sign of whats to come. “Nightride” is considered a mixtape, so I’m assuming this is the direction she wants to bleed into.

The video for “Company” is a sweet surprise. It’s definitely a standout on “Nightride” and the most radio friendly-ish. I do recall looking for an official video in December but came across a choreography video and was hooked on that video for a good week. Now, I love a good dance video because I try to imagine myself doing that dance moves in my faded, oversized Lana Del Rey t-shirt and sweatpants. The choreography is by Jojo Gomez and Jake Kodish, on Tim Milgram’s Youtube channel, and let me tell you, the dancing is phenomenal. The video is all I had because Tinashe didn’t have a video for “Company,” until today.

The music video for “Company” is simple, fresh, sexy, and very reminiscent of 90’s/early 2000’s videos that showcased choreography the majority of the video, i.e. Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson. Interestingly enough while watching “Company” I thought it had a similar vibe to the video with Jojo Gomez and Jake Kodish, then I watched it again and recognized them, found their Instagrams and had a full circle moment for them. I mean, how awesome is it that Tinashe chose to work with these dancers who posted a video of them doing what they love to her music.

So, pretty much I’m fawning over Tinashe’s latest release “Nightride,” the music video for “Company,” and the fact that she worked with Jojo Gomez and Josh Kodish because she probably saw their video and imagined herself dancing like them to her own music. Kinda like me, only not in an oversized, faded Lana Del Rey t-shirt.