Taylor Swift Gives “Wildest Dreams” A Dramatic and Cinematic Music Video

While I am not a part of Taylor Nation, I am a fan of Taylor Swift. Her career just keeps blossoming from era to era.

Taylor’s latest single for “Wildest Dreams” gets a gorgeous visual to accompany the equally beautiful song. I can definitely get behind a music video that you can pause at almost any part and it looks like it belongs in the September issue of Vogue. Yeah, I know I just posted about Miley Cyrus’ new video and its actually a perfect example of how different mainstream artists are. While I can’t say Miley doesn’t care about her career, it just appears that way.

Here’s how I see it: Miley has accomplished so much already and has made more money than any person could ever need in a lifetime, so she feels that she can “experiment” with her music and be camp, silly, and really not take it seriously. Taylor Swift on the other hand is busy defining what it is to be a pop star. Catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, engaging music videos, and just downright letting her fans know that she knows they exist by giving them EVERYTHING; fabulous music videos and lavish live performances just to name the a few major ones.

I’ll stop gabbing. Watch below.

Side-note: It seems like this video would have gone great with “Style” too, you know, because of the James Dean line and how styled the video is.


Taylor Swift “I Knew You Were Trouble” Music Video

Monologues in the beginning of a music video is the new 10 minute music video. Lady Gaga “Marry The Night,” Rihanna “We Found Love,” Lana Del Rey “Ride, and now Taylor Swift with “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” had a monologue in the trailer but the finished product was released sans monologue.

Slayer Swift’s latest video lifted from her monster selling album, “Red” is Trouble and it is uber radio friendly and the video gives us a different outlook on Taylor. Gritty, grungy and messy hair, Taylor is serving Jenny Humphrey, Gossip Girl realness. The video is very “We Found Love” with the scenes flashing from past to present in a choppy, artistic way, the monologue in the beginning and the colors in the video. Taylor is doing the most this era and I am taking a liking to her. “Red” is back to the #1 spot on Billboard, beating out Bruno Mars’ sophomore effort by 10,000 copies. #insane

Taylor Swift “State Of Grace” Live On X-Factor US

Who is Taylor Swift’s stylist? They need a raise. Taylor has been on point with the outfits she has been wearing. I am a fan of her cute lil’ outfits. The light show behind Taylor is giving me superstar/diva vibes and I’m not mad about it. Tay-Tay is twerking that stage, coming for Carrie Underwood’s Entertainer of the Year award. Get it Taylor. The song is cute and oddly enough it’s not a single. Get that promo by performing album tracks Tay! I wish the girls I STAN for would do things like this, but alas, they don’t. They hardly ever perform.

Bravo Taylor and you have PopStarsAreNotRealPeople.com’s upmost respect (until you do something silly).

Slayer Swift

As much as I want to be able to say that I don’t care for Taylor Swift, I am swiftly reminded that she is an enormously talented singer/songwriter. Sure, “We Are Never Getting Back Together” may have been super poppy and repetitive, but if you listen to Taylor’s album, there are gems hidden between the obvious single worthy tracks. Case in point, the second single off of “Red,” “Begin Again.” The songs instruments, melody, tone and lyrics are sweet and relatable. Keyword is relatable. This is what we as music lovers love is that we can have songs to relate to and play in our heads and iPods that add to the soundtrack of our lives.

“Begin Again” starts off melancholy, reminiscing about a past relationship and appreciating the gestures and feelings that a new and blossoming relationship is bringing. Taylor’s voice is exquisite on this track. She isn’t forcing or singing out of her range, she is sitting comfortably vocally. This is the Taylor that I, personally, adore.

Taylor is projected to sell upwards of 1 million copies of her latest album, “Red.” Her previous effort “Speak Now” sold 1,047,000 copies in its first week of release. If, and when, Taylor sells a million copies of “Red” she will be the first artist to have back to back albums debut with a million plus in sales. The last time this was on trend was in the late nineties/early 2000’s when Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and Eminem were selling back to back million copies of their albums.

Taylor Tot is hitting that promo train hard. Performing on almost every daytime and late night talk show, teaming up with Target and iTunes for exclusive editions of “Red” with unique bonus tracks you can only get through each outlet, pizza party packs with merch through Papa John’s and who knows what else she has going on? My favorite could NEVER.

Edit: According to some industry sources, “Red” has sold over 500,00 copies on the first day of release.


Taylor Swift Releases The Same Song, Again

Not really, but come on. This sounds like it could be on any of her previous albums. It’s cute and I’ll probably end up singing it at work, then I’ll download it and put it on my “workout mix” because that’s where all of my recent downloads end up.

The track is already number 1 on iTunes and bested Lady Gaga’s record for fastest #1 on iTunes.

You all probably already downloaded the track so I’m not even going to waste my time by copying and pasting a link here.