Lana Del Rey “Freak” Video Premiere

So, last week Lana Del Rey decided to treat Los Angeles to a premiere of her new video for “Freak” at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California. Well, it just so happens that I live close enough to go, so I did just that. My bf and I bought our $5 tickets and drove to L.A. listening to “Freak” to get in the mood. To be honest, “Freak” isn’t and wasn’t my favorite off of “Honeymoon.” I’m more of a “Honeymoon,” “Music To Watch Boys To,” “The Blackest Day” kind of guy.

Okay, so we get there and the line is wrapped around the building, like, the end of the line is nearly connected to the front. I see that and immediately get discouraged, but then I thought, they have to let us in, we have a purchased ticket. So, we get in and get great spots on the floor. It’s not as packed as I thought it was going to be. Emma Roberts kept staring at us, probably because we were staring at her, I spotted Lana’s sister, Chuck, and the girls from “Music To Watch Boys To.”

We bought two premiere posters to commemorate the experience and to match our little Tropico posters. Lana comes out, sings “Honeymoon,” “West Coast,” and “Video Games” with piano and guitar accompanists and I nearly crap my pants. Like, I had to stand and cross my legs so the voodoo didn’t slip out of my sweaty crack.

Once Lana gets to showing the video, I’m excited, but also hungry. So, I ask my bf if he wants to leave early and go eat. I know, I’m selfish and should have wanted to stay so I could be face to face with Lana and ask her where the hell “Life is Beautiful” is, but I was so hungry I started to nibble on the skin around my fingernails.

All in all, the show was awesome and it was freaking $5. I mean, who knows when Lana will announce a proper concert?






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