Ariana Grande Releases New Music Video And Song “Focus.”

I go back and forth with my love for Ariana Grande. Sometimes I love her, sometimes I “nothing” her. At times, I love to hate on her, but lets be real, when I’m “hating” on her, its because I want her to do well. I feel like I’m her Tia Leti with orange-blonde curly, wet hair with a whole can of hairspray keeping my hair looking “wet” like ramen noodles.

After listening to her latest single “Focus,” I couldn’t help but think of 2000’s rap sensation Mystikal during the chorus. “Focus” is a meatier version of Ariana’s previous single “Problem.” Okay, hear me out. I liked “Focus” and I already have time set aside tomorrow afternoon to blast the song and create my own lip-sync routine to it, but thats it. I just liked it. Now, when “Problem” came out I thought it was the most blasé song. Then, out of nowhere I was aching to hear it 12 times in a row.

Buy “Focus” here.

Just watched the video and I LOVE all of the looks Ariana has in the video. The silver hair and the thigh high boots are whats getting me though. Like, I have to fan myself because she is owning those looks. And when she started dancing in the star outfit? I blacked out.

Both the song and video for “Focus” are very reminiscent of “Problem,” but hey, that formula worked and got Ariana a # hit so, why not take the Mariah Carey route and have a signature sound for lead singles and a signature look for videos? Where can I preorder your album Ari?


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