Lana Releases “Music To Watch Boys To” Music Video

Why wouldn’t I be walking into my first class of the day when Lana released the video for “Music To Watch Boys To?” Lana likes to release things when I’m in class. Ah, well. I had to wait 4 hours to watch, but when I did I was so happy I could die. See what I did there?

The video is black and white, with a splash of color. Lana looks gorgeous and the backgrounds were cute and a little kitsch. It reminded me a little of “Video Games” with spliced vintage clips mixed with scenes of Lana, but this time, most of the clips were filmed specifically for this video (except the pink flamingos.) While I do miss the crisp, high quality, bigger budget videos Lana started with, i.e.: “Born To Die,” “Blue Jeans,” I do like that Lana is keeping true to how she wants her image to be portrayed. Here’s to at least ONE more video from the “Honeymoon” era.

Clutch your pears below.


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