Lana Del Rey Performs 3 Songs on BBC Radio 1

We need an Unplugged session from Lana Del Rey, ASAP.

Lana just finished an interview and performance on BBC Radio 1 and it was one of the better interviews that we’ve gotten from her since the start of her career. While the interview session was a bit short, the questions and answers were well thought out, full, and you could hear the passion and excitement from Lana as she answered them. Lana talked about how she loved the word “Honeymoon,” which is why she used it for the album, how much artistic freedom her labels grant her, and that she has started writing again a few months ago. More information than we got from the Apple Music session.

Lana also gave 3 of the strongest live performances she’s given in a long while. Lana performed “High By The Beach,” “Terrence Loves You,” and “Honeymoon.” “High By The Beach” was good, but the studio version is far superior. “Terrence Loves You” was goddamn magic. The intro, the vulnerability in Lana’s vocals, the highs and lows her voice passed through, bliss. I have to say that “Honeymoon” was my favorite though. This version was minus the strings and opened with an electric guitar, played gently. I imagine this is how “Honeymoon” would have sounded if this era were a continuation of “Ultraviolence,” sonically. Stripped down, gorgeous, sparse, elegant, and gritty.

Get into the Lana Del Rey Experience at the link below:


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