BBC Radio 1 Premieres “Salvatore” From “Honeymoon.” Lana Talks Album Signings in New York and Los Angeles

Just got home from Disneyland and all I could think about was if a HQ version of “Honeymoon” was released online. I couldn’t look Mickey in the eye without thinking of I could be bumpin’ “Honeymoon” in its entirety down Pacific Coast Highway. Well, I came home to something equally as exciting; “Salvatore” being played on Radio 1 and news that Lana will not only sign albums in London, but New York and Los Angeles as well.

There are no details on when she’ll do the New York and Los Angeles signings, but I’m already getting anxiety. I remember when I drove to Los Angeles to wait in line for “Tropico” tickets and it was stressful as hell. So many people, talks of being too far back in line, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Listen to “Salvatore” below and also listen as the interviewer asks Lana if she’s ever worked on a soundtrack before. I mean, The Great Gatsby, Maleficent, Big Eyes…?

BBC Radio 1 Interview & Salvatore


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