Sam Smith Announces He Will Sing the New Bond Theme

Sam Smith just announced via Twitter that he will be the new voice singing the theme to the latest James Bond movie, “Spectre.” The song is titled, “The Writing’s On The Wall” and is available for physical CD and vinyl preorder via Sam Smith’s web-store.

After months of speculation as to who would be singing the theme, a few names in the hat were; Sam Smith, Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, and Adele, again. I personally was gunning for Lana Del Rey because her dark, moody, ethereal sound gives me Bond vibes. That, and I just adore her. My second choice though was Sam Smith. Sam has a beautiful, unique voice and could possibly give you goosebumps, possibly.

Now, can we talk about the song’s title? How cool would it be to have a song titled “Spectre” in your music catalog if you were a recording artist. The title “Spectre” just invokes curiosity. “The Writing’s On The Wall,” not so much. “The Writing’s On The Wall” only reminds me of Destiny’s Child’s sophomore album of the same title. Then, I start to think about how that Destiny’s Child album had a spoken interlude between each song that got old after the first one. For instance, I would make a mix CD with “Say My Name” on it, but at the end of the song you would hear Beyoncé say “Thou shall know she can’t love you” before the next song played. EVERY TIME. No.


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