Lana Del Rey Releases the Title Track, “Honeymoon”

I need a moment. Alright, so I got off of work at 9pm and KNEW that the song “Honeymoon” was going to be released today because my fellow Lana STANS let me know via So, I sat in my car, sweaty as all Hell, looking through iTunes for it, because I preordered Lana’s forthcoming album so I could download all of the tracks as they’re released. I freaked out because it wouldn’t let me download, but then, Apple Music had it streaming. Look Lana, I’m trying to give you my coins so you can go on another vacation, but you just don’t want to take them. I digress.

Hearing “Honeymoon” in my car, driving down Pacific Coast Highway, with the volume all the way up was bliss. The strings, Lana’s vocals, the layering, the bass, bliss I tell you.

Yes, I know that we’ve had this song for about 2 months, but now I don’t have to play it through YouTube in my car.


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