Janet Jackson Keeps It Cool With New Song “Unbreakable”

Just minutes ago, Janet Jackson decided to put the music world in her signature chill, relaxed state by releasing the audio for “Unbreakable.” “Unbreakable” doubles as her new album title, set to be released October 2, 2015.

The song doesn’t push any boundaries, but it does cement the fact that Janet is best served with a hard baseline and coo’ing vocals.

I kind of want to get tickets to her tour, but then I don’t. I saw a few videos from the tour and it looks so-so. Those diaper pants she wore were very distracting and fans who went to the show reported that she didn’t sing a single song in full, only snippets. No. Now, if I’m paying good money for some “make-them-jealous” seats, I wanna hear some of my favorite songs from beginning to end, not a medley. Especially not a full concert medley.

Comment below and tell me what you think.



  1. Janet can’t sing every song in her concert . She has to many number 1 hits . I hear she sings 32 songs that’s a lot of music . I don’t mind hearing snippets , and yes I don’t like the mc hammer pants , to much much clothes on Janet , and she looks a little thick but I don’t care , show more skin. Can’t wait for show in Chicago front row finally . Thank the lord

    • 32 songs? Okay, now thats forgivable. She’s making sure that no song is left out. What song are you most hyped for?

    • When she did her “Up Close a& Personal” Tour she did ALL of her #1’s the concert was almost 3 hours, and there were a few mash-up’s

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