Raja Takes Me Back to My Childhood in “Cholita” Music Video

These pop girls need to watch drag queen music videos and take notes.

Raja, makeup artist extraordinaire and winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3, sets the chola-look standard in the video for her new song, “Cholita.” Okay, the visuals in this masterpiece are Mona Lisa-esque. The lip-liner reminds me of the girls in high school with burnt orange, AKA Mexican blonde, crunchy, curly hair that always said “aye.” Who am I fooling, it reminds me of my older sister, Veronica, because she was one of those girls. She would go to the mall every weekend and take those blurry pictures in front of a Playboy Bunny background with one of her “ride-or-dies,” then pass them out on Monday at school.

The song itself is “mmmk,” but the visuals are what makes this the bible for chola-looks. The ladies sitting on Raja’s face that double as eyebrows make me want to shave mine off and do the same.

I die.


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