Miley Cyrus Adds Nothing of Value to Mainstream Music With Her Latest Single “Do It”

Miley Cyrus released her album last night after the MTV Video Music Awards just like she said, for free. The “Do It” has a music video to accompany it, and it isn’t the best visual. Pretty much just Miley’s face, mostly mouth, covered in glitter, sprinkles and what looks to be honey. The song isn’t terrible, but it definitely deserves to be free. The lyrics talking about how she likes to “smoke pot” and also how she doesn’t “give a fuck.” The music itself sounds like it was made on a Casio keyboard in the early 2000’s, a-la LeTigre and Gravy Train, without the spunk and “oomph” that LeTigre and Gravy Train put into it.

Lets be real, the video is annoying and gross. I was just telling my boyfriend the other day how I unfollowed Miley Cyrus from Instagram because her posts were useless to me and became garbage. When Miley released “We Can’t Stop” I was all about her. The music, visuals, and her image were just enough before going overboard. With “Wrecking Ball,” same. Then came the Bangerz Tour and I waited until the day of the show closest to me to get tickets on StubHub, then when I saw they were still $79 for good seats, I passed. Miley seems to be more about the antics than the actual music. Hell, I’m probably wrong and I’m just an old fart who doesn’t “understand” her artistic expression. So be it. I’ll be in my comfy socks watching “Murder She Wrote” and eating cottage cheese.

Save yourself the annoyance and don’t watch the video below.


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