“Beauty Behind The Madness” Enchants and Elevates Pop Music

Yesterday, The Weeknd released his latest body of work, “Beauty Behind The Madness” to critical acclaim and the dismay of some of his longtime fans. The promo for this album is sensational. Not only has the album just been released, Abel will be p performing at this years MTV Video Music Award show this Sunday. This performance will mark his first television performance of any song off “Beauty Behind The Madness.” Fall tour dates have also been released and tickets went on sale Friday morning, with exclusive pre-sales occurring throughout the week. Let me tell you, I was stressed about getting awesome seats to his Los Angeles show, but after literally pissing my pants, I came out on top with 11th row floor seats. /brag

Along with the album’s release, VMA’s performance, and tour tickets hitting the market this week, Abel went ahead and dropped the video for “Tell Your Friends” this week too. “Tell Your Friends” marks the album’s 4th video release, a fan’s dream come true.

Okay, so the whole reason for this post was that I just saw a trailer for “Beauty Behind The Madness” that Abel posted on his Facebook page, 26 minutes ago. While Abel isn’t actually in it, besides a billboard of the album cover, “The Devil” that Abel sells his soul to for fame is. “The Devil” is driving down a dark bridge, sees a billboard of the album’s cover, gets out, lights up a rag stuffed inside of a liquor bottle and throws it at the billboard, burning it. Once the paper is torched, the words “Beauty Behind The Madness” are revealed in flames.



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