Justin Bieber Reveals “What Do You Mean?” Song and Lyric Video

After a thirty day, star-studded, social media promo campaign, Justin Bieber unleashes both the song and lyric video for his new single, “What Do You Mean?”

“What Do You Mean?” marks Bieber’s second single of the year, the first being the summer smash, “Where Are You Now?”with Jack Ü. “What Do You Mean?” follows a similar sonic pattern as “Where Are You Now?” so we get a vibe for what Justin’s forthcoming album will sound like.

I like the song. It’s not as infectious as “Where Are You Now?” but I thought the same thing about “Where Are You Now?” before I got obsessed with it.

The lyric video features Ryan Sheckler and Chelsea Castro skateboarding through what looks like Los Angeles. At the end of the video, Justin is shirtless and looking beefy. There’s also a point where I thought Justin and Ryan were going to kiss because their faces are really close together, they don’t, but, totally worth it.

Get your bounce on below.


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