The Weeknd Releases Video For New Single “Tell Your Friends”


The Weeknd just announced the new single off “Beauty Behind The Madness” by releasing a music video for it. The new single is titled “Tell Your Friends” and is produced by Kanye West. “Tell Your Friends” is something new sonically for The Weeknd, although, the lyrical content and word choice is classic Weeknd; mixing in the old with the new.

Again, The Weeknd is touching on the topic of going mainstream, but still keeping true to his artistry and his fanbase who has supported his career since the beginning, XO.

The video for “Tell Your Friends” is on fire. Abel is in the desert, middle of nowhere, burying a body that turns out to be himself with plastic bag over his head. One gets the feeling that he’s burying the “old” Abel and is embracing his new mainstream image/success. Then, all Hell breaks loose. The devil character who made appearances in “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face” walks toward Abel, Abel pulls out a gun, licks his lips, then shoots the devil dead. WHAT.EVEN? Another song from “Beauty Behind The Madness” plays after the gun goes off, “Real Life” Abel gets in the car and drives into the night. Superb storytelling.

From what I gathered, Abel is letting his audience know that he isn’t willing to lose himself in the mainstream. He’s doing what he CAN do rather than what he HAS to do in order to be a successful mainstream artist. A refreshing concept because too many times have an audience embraced an artist for this distinguishable art, only to be let down by the music “business” of things. I’m a new fan of The Weeknd and I fully appreciate his artistry and integrity.

Fall in love with the video below


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