Tracklist & Preorder for Honeymoon Starts Tomorrow

Just woke up, opened up Facebook and what do you know? The tracklist and info for preordering “Honeymoon” start tomorrow, Friday, August 25th. Now, I’m kinda shaking and my palms are sweaty because this is huge. But, I’m also on the verge of crying like a little bitch because I don’t see “Life is Beautiful” on the tracklist. Tragic.

While releasing the tracklist is exciting because you get to see the song titles, I don’t understand how STANS can say things like, “OMG, I’m so excited for Burnt Norton. I can tell it’ll be my favorite on the album.” Okay, like I said, I get the excitement, but how do you know it’ll be your favorite? Like, what if there was a song called “Diarrhea?” Guess that would be my most anticipated.

Here is the track listing and a little video Lana posted via all her social media outlets.


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