Shania Twain Rocks Orange County!

Today is Wednesday. I had school earlier and my love, Kyle, had the day off and got his windows tinted. We were going to finish watching Inglorious Bastards because we fell asleep watching it a few night ago, but then Kyle came up with the random, but great, idea of going to see Shania Twain’s farewell tour, the Rock This Country Tour. Now, it wasn’t completely spur of the moment, Kyle loves, like LOVES, Shania (he cried when we saw her in Vegas). We knew she was coming to Anaheim, but didn’t know if we wanted to see her again, so soon. Then he kind of freaked out because he thought, “What if this really is her last tour and we regret not going 10 years down the line?” Problem solved, we went.

Alright, now I’m not the biggest Shania fan, I’m a casual fan. I’ve performed “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” alone, one or twelve times, but I don’t every lyric to any songs. Kyle on the other hand, cried again simply because he loves her. I get it. I cry whenever I think about what I would say to Mariah Carey if I ever met her. Hell, I cry thinking about seeing her in concert, being front row, she see’s me and I start to sing her lyrics back to her and she is so impressed with me because my vocals are on point that she invites me on stage and we duet. I don’t know what song we’d duet, but that’s for a later post.

Shania turned it out. She ripped through each song with so much conviction and positive energy. It was so obvious that she was genuinely excited to be performing for us. She took selfies with a little girl and her mom, signed this man’s poster, which was really sweet because the thrill of that small gesture really made that man’s year.

Wait. Shania looked at Kyle and I, smiled, and waved. Now, it wasn’t one of those, “I think she looked at us” type of deals, it was the real deal. She was mid-air on a contraption that elevated her and she was able to soar over the crowd. Kyle and I were jumping, waving, and smiling like goons when she looked down, smiled and waved to us. I swear she mouthed “Hi, Kyle and Jesus. I saw your tweets, you’re cute,” but I’m not sure.

After the show, all I want to do is sing Shania karaoke (Carrie Underwood reference).

Marinate in my videos from the show below.


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