FKA twigs Surprise Releases M3LL155X EP

Gah! I was FKA twigs to be the Aaliyah of today’s music scene, so bad! She almost had me thinking just that when I was first introduced to “Two Weeks.” The video made twigs look very Aaliyah in Queen of the Damned and the performances of “Two Weeks”  sent me over the edge, especially her performance on Jimmy Fallon: 

While I see that I want what I cannot have, I’ll accept the fact that twigs is a little R&B and a little avant grade in her music and visual approach. The video below is a short film music video for 4/5 tracks on the M3LL155X EP:

  1. Figure 8
  2. I’m Your Doll
  3. In Time
  4. Glass & Patron
  5. Mothercreep (no visual)

I’m leaning more toward the “In Time” and “Glass & Patron” visuals. Again, Aalyiah vibes.


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