Lana Del Rey Underwhelms With “High By The Beach” Music Video

Lana, are you mad at me? The video for “High By The Beach” left me thinking, “What did I do wrong?”

Throughout the video, Lana aimlessly runs around a furniture-less home, flipping through a tabloid, serving face and flowing lingerie as a paparazzi helicopter takes photos of her. Oh, but wait a minute, then she goes down to the beach, grabs a guitar case, pulls out a bazooka that doesn’t even remotely fit into the guitar case and blows the helicopter up.

Before ya’ll burn me alive, I am a Lana STAN. I’ve learned how to play Lana’s songs on piano, an I pretend to be her in a music video while I’m driving down Pacific Coast Highway, listening to “American” and “Yayo,” But, the song and video for “High By The Beach” leave so much to be desired. I’d prefer Lana do release another video like “Ultraviolence” compared to this. I mean, heres to Lana trying new things…


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