The Weekend “Can’t Feel My Face” Video

Update: Vevo clip:

I’ve been obsessed with The Weeknd’s music for the past few months. I needed something melancholy yet beautiful, twisted but honest, and something to fill the Lana Del Rey void I was feeling before she released “Honeymoon.” My boyfriend says that I love music that really doesn’t reflect my life in any way, shape, or form. That’s true, I mean, I don’t do any drugs, sleeping pills?, or have sex with women, we’ll talk about that later. I just love the ‘different from the norm’ subject matter, even if it is exaggerated or not. The Weeknd and Lana both have distinct sounds, voices, and things to sing about. I love dreary, moody, and gut-wrenching music. LOVE IT. The Weeknd released his visual for “Can’t Feel My Face,” the second single off of his forthcoming album, “Beauty Behind The Madness” due August 28th. “Can’t Feel My Face” is the continuation of “The Hills” video where Abel is seen making a deal with ‘the devil’ for his mainstream success. “Can’t Feel My Face” picks up in a dive bar, Abel is gyrating on stage, a little awkwardly. Bottles are thrown on stage, people’s faces look like the bar smells like dookie, then ‘the devil’ or what could be his now ‘manager’ throws a lit lighter onto the stage, hits Abel, and he’s literally dancing on fire. It’s really fucking cool. Watch the video exclusively on #AppleMusic. Also, Abel is The Weeknd. I just call him Abel sometimes cause I think I know him, somewhat…not, maybe. Update: I don’t understand the hate on the video. It’s a continuation of “The Hills” after he makes his deal with the devil. The devil is watching him perform in front of the crowd, one woman enjoys it, the other people hate it. In order to appeal to the masses and not just a small minority of fans, ‘the devil’ or his now ‘manager’ throws a lit up lighter at Abel and the crowd is wowed, starts cheering & shit. It’s a statement video. Stating that you literally have to be on fire in order to have any type of impact in mainstream music. LITERALLY ON FIRE PEOPLE!


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