Janet Jackson Keeps Grooving with “No Sleep” Music Video

I’ve always been a fan of Janet. Not a stan, you know, a casual fan. Sometimes I get into my “Janet” mood and watch 3 hours of her videos and performances on YouTube.

As we all know, Janet is back with a new tour and a new single, “No Sleeep.” “No Sleeep” is that smooth groove sound that Janet has come to perfect. Her silky, airy voice weaves between the beat and gets your shoulders rolling, maybe even a few body rolls like back in middle school. The video is a classic R&B video with mood lighting, Janet smiling at the camera while she sings, and she taps her toes here and there. Janet doesn’t do any choreography. Why? Because she didn’t feel like it. Also, the song is slow as hell, like, what is she supposed to do? Body roll and grab her chi-chis? Been there, done that.

Welcome back, Mrs. Jackson.



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