Lana Del Rey’s “Honeymoon” is Bewitching.

Yesterday morning, right after I pulled into the school parking lot, I checked to see if Lana released “Honeymoon,” like I do at the top of every hour since she’s teased the first video/audio clip weeks ago, and she finally did. I felt so many things at that moment: , excitement, sadness, frustration, confusion, and bliss. I was excited to finally have “Honeymoon” bless my ears, sad because I was sitting in my car, about to walk into class and wouldn’t be able to listen to it on a loop for the next 4 hours, frustration because I couldn’t click or find a proper link because Lana posted a “non” link like a n00b, and bliss because I could finally rest easy knowing that I finally had access to new Lana Del Rey music.

“Honeymoon” is everything I love about Lana Del Rey; lush, sweet, theatric and dramatic with the right about of pop music and movie score. It is 5:54 of Lana cooing over strings, guitar, and light drums. The vocal layering and polished, but unpolished sound really do take my breath away and make my heart beat fast.

I cannot wait to hear the 13 other songs, confirmed by Lana, on “Honeymoon.” Rumored to be released in September, this one song will be enough to fill the Lana Del Rey void we’ve all been feeling in our lives. 


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