Meghan Trainor “Title” Album Review

Meghan Trainer’s debut album was a long time coming, in terms of pop music. Released January 13, 2015, “Title” is set to debut atop the Billboard 200 chart, dethroning Taylor Swift’s “1989.” Topping Taylor Swift is a pretty big deal. “1989” has reserved the top spot for 9 nonconsecutive weeks and debuted with more than a million copies in it’s opening week. So, who is Meghan Trainor and is her album, “Title” even worth listening to?

“The Best Part (Intro)”

Sung acapella, the intro, again, has a classic, girl group vibe. It’s a nice introduction to the album and Trainor lets the listener know how much this album means to her without being annoying.

“All About That Bass”

At this point, the song is as worn out as Madonna, but it sits well while listening to the album as a whole.

“Dear Future Husband”

Think poodle skirts, curly ponytails, apple pie cooling in the window, and a daydreamy girl writing Mrs. Efron on her school folders. A cutesy song, nothing more.

“Close Your Eyes”

“Everybody wants to be different. That’s what makes us the same.” In what seems to be another anthem for self-love, “Close Your Eyes” is sure to hit a soft spot with many. It’s not tear inducing, but it’s nice and sound like it would go well in a yogurt commercial.


A song about waiting up until “3am” for a text from your crush. I’m starting to question how old Meghan is now. I mean, “do yo’ thang Isis” but, girl…

“Like I’m Gonna Lose You”

The music in this one is dreamy. But its clear that Meghan was listening to Alicia Keys’ “Like You’ll Never See Me Again.” Oh, John Legend just started to sing. Cute. What a random pairing though.

“Bang Dem Sticks”

I think its dumb when people write “dem (them)” or “doe (though).” This is the first song on the album that has a modern sound and I’m not a fan. It’s like a song you would hear the Pussycat Dolls sing in pleather, corsets, and heavy eye makeup.


Meghan might as well have written the song title “wAlKaShAmE.” And no, I’m not just judging the song on the title alone, the song is a waste of space on the album. The song would be cute as a “leaked demo” or something, but for your album? Think about it, who is going to chose this song as their favorite?


The ukulele give “Title” an island vibe. “Title” is about how she was pressured by her record label to come up with a title for her album. Get it? This backstory was interesting when Sara Bareilles told it for her hit “Love Song.” Not a fan of this song either.

“What If I”

There are parts of this where you can hear how rich Meghan’s voice can be. It’s a nice slow jam.

“Lips Are Movin”

Single #2. Not as hypnotizing as “All About That Bass” but its a nice little jingle.

“No Good For You”


“Mr. Almost”

Is this album almost done?

“My Selfish Heart”

There comes a point where an album has way too many tracks. I’ve checked out.”


Okay, now we’re back to listenable songs. This is the perfect way to close the album out. A mid-tempo with finger snaps and “ooh’s.” She channels Ke$ha for a second while she speak-raps the bridge.

The album was 5 tracks too long. Give me a stellar 10 track album with your best. Less is more man. Less is more. I understand there is the standard and deluxe, but the extra tracks are not worth it. Really.


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