Mark Ronson “Uptown Funk” Featuring Bruno Mars

Mark Ronson’s most notable work to date is Amy Winehouse’s “Black to Black.” Grammy award winning and critically acclaimed, “Black to Black” was the old school, throw-back vibe that Christina Aguilera was trying for in “Back to Basics,” no pun intended, #basic. It seems that Ronson has an affinity for the vintage sounds of yester-year considering his latest offering “Uptown Funk” featuring another lover of vintage looks and sounds, Bruno Mars. The song is great and with the right music video and a sizzling live performance, the song could be big for the two of them. I only quarrel with the fact that it sounds just like Zapp and Roger’s “So Ruff, So Tuff.” Maybe that was the intention, but its too early to tell. I’ll wait a few days to hear what the boys have to say about the sound of the song. We all know what kind of trouble Pharrell and Robin Thicke got into with their familiar sound in their monster hit, “Blurred Lines.”

Listen and compare below.


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