Beyonce Saves “The Pop Girl” and Pop Music

The title might be a little jagged to swallow initially, but hear me out. For the past year, music  fans have been waiting for any scrap of news on new Beyonce material. When she was announced as the Halftime show performer for the 2013 Superbowl, everyone was sure that a new single was going to be performed and released on iTunes on that Sunday, to no avail. Beyonce also partnered up with Pepsi and even had a commercial play during the Superbowl with a then unheard track “Grown Woman.” Tongues started wagging and everyone thought that “Grown Woman” was Beyonce’s new single, yet again, to no avail. “Bow Down (I Been On)” was randomly released online, a TRAP track with a confidently cocky Beyonce saying “bitches” every-other-word, still just hype. Beyonce also partnered up with clothing store H&M for a Spring/Summer ad campaign that included a commercial containing another then unheard Beyonce track, “Standing On the Sun,” and now stans are thinking, “what’s going on?” To top it all off, Beyonce embarked on “The Mrs. Carter Show” world tour, just cause she felt like it.

Stans (stalker fans, but not really stalkers, just very devoted fans. Similar to sports fans.) had already begun to get impatient and restless while Beyonce was everywhere, but nowhere as well. Music blogs and message boards such as and released their frustrations in GIF form and playfully bashed their favorite pop star, some not so playfully. Understand, that when it comes to pop music and superstars like Beyonce, her peers; Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Rihanna are all forced against one another like gladiators and are praised to the high heavens and trashed unmercifully. Sales figures are thrown around, chart performance, YouTube views, Facebook page likes, the amount of Twitter followers each pop girl has is used as ammo against the other, unfairly.

What Beyonce did here was not hype up her own project. In fact, she didn’t say anything at all about it. Drake and Ryan Tedder said a few kind things about tracks that they had heard, but with all of the anticipation the stans had, any information of new Beyonce music was taken with a grain of salt. Beyonce did the exact opposite of what every pop girl has done in the past and worked on her project, made a music video for EVERY track and not just some dumb-dumb video on a flimsy little set, B’Day, but videos directed by Hype Williams, Terry Richardson, Jake Nava and Jonas Akerlund just to name a few. Lady Gaga had been hyping “ARTPOP” for over a year and was given a luke-warm welcoming. Same with Katy Perry, sure “Roar” was enormous, but the magic that pop girls once had was becoming stale. Sales figures have slipped and it seems general public interest isn’t what it was. The process and music all started to become the same procedure era after era. Beyonce decided to switch it up and thank God she did.

“Beyonce,” a visual album was released on iTunes 2 hours ago. The visual album boasts 14 songs and 17 videos and this is only Part 1 of 2. Quality is what Beyonce was describing in the trailer for the album posted onto her Facebook page. What Beyonce has done is upped the ante. Will all of the pop girls make videos for the entire album, probably not, but you will be sure that they will get more creative with their promotional options and will not oversaturate stans and casual music listeners with so much hype that, no matter what, it never lives up to.

Do your thang, Bey!


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