Lady Gaga Featuring R. Kelly “Do What U Want.” Premiere

The ARTPOP promo brigade is up and rolling as Gaga releases “Do What U Want,”a song featuring R. Kelly. After listening to “Do What U Want” and feeling a 90’s vibe nod, I can’t help but think this is the way pop music is going. Once the big pop girls do something, everyone else follow’s suit. Gaga, Katy and Miley’s new music all have an early 90’s sound and feel to it. Katy even dresses very Clueless, The Craft and Empire Records in her promo pictures and on stage.

I’m here for the 90’s, if done tastefully and with a modern twist. Let’s be real, the 90’s are fun to be nostalgic with, but the fashion was mostly horrid and so were the color schemes. One word: neon.



  1. Really enjoying your posts… Proud of you! Great positionality and your opinions are perf! Xo

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