“Britney Jean”

Britney Spears has officially revealed to Capital FM radio station that the title of her 8th studio album will be “Britney Jean.” When asked why, she said “wtf? Because.” I kid, I kid. When asked for an explanation Britney Jean stated that her first and middle name are what her family calls her. It’s a term of endearment and she wanted to share that with her fans. B.J. was also asked about any collaborations and Jean coyly replied that everyone will have to wait and see.

Things we know about album 8:

-Album title: Britney Jean

-Executive produced by Will.I.Am.

-Most personal album.

-Britney wrote on the majority of the album.

-William Orbit produced a track titled “Alien.”

-Britney likes “the perfume song.”

-Album will be released December 3, 2013.



  1. i was blown away by how confident and self-aware she is seeming now. Though she still has some issues (she was clinging hard to that dress for some comfort), but she was answering questions easily and looking comfortable and easy going! Go Brit!

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