ARTPOP Tracklisting Revealed

I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m not as excited for “ARTPOP” like I was this time last year. I mean, I want to be excited, but everything so far this era has been very “meh” for me. “Applause” is a good track, thats it. The video for “Applause” was neat, thats it. And the performances thus far, I’ve only watched them a handful of times and I’m not obsessing over them. Let’s get things straight, I STAN for Gaga, but I’m also not delusional. It’s not that I want “this” Gaga back or “that” Gaga back. I just want to be entertained and so far I’m barely amused.

Gaga had her biggest L.A. based fans paint a mural with all of the tracks that will be appearing on “ARTPOP.” Where the heck is “CAKE  LIKE LADY GAGA?!”

1. Aura

2. Venus

3. G.U.Y.

4. Sexxx Dreams

5. Jewelz N’ Drugz Featuring T.I., Too $hort and Twista


7. Do What U Want Featuring R. Kelly


9. Swine

10. Donatella

11. Fashion

12. Mary Jane Holland

13. DOPE

14. Gypsy

15. Applause


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