Lady Gaga “Applause” Music Video

The hell? I never posted about “Applause?” I’m such a dick.

I’m pleased as heck that the video is solely the duration of the song and not an additional 10 minutes. The mini series Gag’s was presenting  the whole “Born This Way” era was getting predictable and annoying. One an era will be fine, you know, so it’s more of a treat than a letdown.

Okay, with a Gaga video there is always a favorite look and mine for “Applause” is shower cap Gaga with the big ass comforter billowing around her body. So sleek & chic.

The video itself is promising for what the “ARTPOP” era can be. Gaga has said that “ARTPOP” is going to involve past looks she had from “The Fame” era to present day and revamp them. Yes, please.



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