Katy Perry “Roar” Music Video

I’m such a Gaga stan and I know deep inside that “Roar” is the catchier and more sing-along song, but I want “Applause” to be what “Roar” is so badly. Welp, I’ve gotten over it and justified it to myself, so here goes: “Roar” is pop music gold. Catchy, uplifting and makes you wanna be a better woman. “Applause” is a good song, but its just more of an album track than a great first single.

So, the video for “Roar” has finally been released and it is very big budget and it shows. It’s colorful, kinda campy & silly, but it fits Katy Hudson perfectly. The video isn’t offensive or annoying, its just a Katy Perry video that could fit into the “Teenage Dream” era. I’m glad that the video went with this theme and not a boxing theme like she did at the VMA’s. What the hell was up with the random jump roping for 10 seconds?

Enjoy the video for America’s #1 song below.


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