Lady Gaga Rush Releases “Applause”

Lady Gaga had a Pop Emergency and rush released the first single from her forthcoming ARTPOP album, “Applause.” We can only expect the video to soon follow because the video was supposed to be released on the same day as “Applause.”

I shit myself.

K, I cleaned up and I’m back. Now, when I heard the snippet this past weekend, I wasn’t slayed. I actually had a “bitchy resting face” and I wasn’t about that life. But, hearing the quirky, carnival sound in the beginning I love it. It’s such a departure for Shady Gaga. Yes, Shady Gaga. She is releasing “Applause” on the same day Katy Perry is releasing “Roar.” Yes, Gaga cited leaks as the reason, but c’mon, this is going to put two of the world’s biggest pop stars head to head for the #1 spot. This is my kind of sport!

R.I.P. Below


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