Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Sacrilege” Music Video (Reversed)

The YYY’s are my favorite band. The energy that they exude through music is remarkable and makes me clench my butt cheeks. Each album has a distinct sound and none of them sound alike. They have their unique signature on their music but experiment with their sound. Reminds me of No Doubt.

The Yeah’s latest single and video for “Sacrilege” is in full promo mode and it is nothing short of spectacular. The song is low-fi, gritty, but mature YYY’s and the video is just, wow! Shown from end to beginning, the telling story touches on the hypocrisy of society and makes you go “nah-uh.” A fan was computer savvy enough to reverse the reverse of the video to show it from beginning to end because you know you’d be curious as hell to see it in regular format, like I was.

Get into it and if you don’t know the YYY’s, let me introduce you to your new favorite band.



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