Justin Timberlake “Mirrors” Music Video Review

You know, the more I listen to JT’s new music, the more I love it. I already knew that it was well structured, well produced and the layers of instruments are incredible. Admittedly, I was waiting for something so immediate and instant that when JT released songs that didn’t sound like it was off “Futuresex/Lovesound” I was like, “oh.”

The song and video for “Mirrors” is old school. Old school in the sense that JT isn’t the star of it. It has a story line with actors and you have to furrow your eyebrows to make sense of the metaphors. Now, I’m not saying Justin is the only one to not star in his own video, I’m saying its a rarity and its refreshing. JT makes a cameo at 5:44 and is looking real good. His style is on point and the sincerity of his facial expressions are heart melting.

It makes me miss my boyfriend and he’s only been away from me 20 minutes.

Cheers JT!



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