Justin Timberlake “Suit & Tie” Music Video Premiere

Hey J.T.!

The much anticipated video for “Suit & Tie” has now been seen by millions and I’m sure the blogosphere is all about the video and Justin’s straight hair and changing their avatars to a clip of “Suit & Tie.” I did enjoy the first 4 minutes of the video, but it was just too long. I liked to classic feel to it, Justin did look good and that suit fit him to a T. Jay-Z  was Jay-Z, but what I’m asking is, what was up with those lady dancers? I get it. Women in suits undressing and showing their panties and pointy bras, but go away. It slowed the video down, irritated me and the girls had freaking pointy boobs.

Anyone have a ladle, because I’m about to stir the pot. Justin is on Bruno Mars’ weenie with the doo wop influences.


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