Save Up Your Nickles, Britney Vegas Deal 99.99% done.

According to Larry Rudolph, Brit-Brit’s manager, the Vegas deal is 99.99% done and they are just waiting to seal a deal with a hotel. Rudolph told Extra that he’d be surprised if the deal doesn’t go through because they’re so deep into it.

When my boyfriend hears about this he is going to pull his hair out. He is Britney Spears. He’s such a STAN, that he believes that he paid for her haircut when she shaved her head. I mean, he has a point. He has all of her tour DVD’s, albums, tour books and he’s been to the majority of her tours, so more than likely he did pay for that haircut and for her Fraps from Starbucks. I’m all about it too. He and I will probably go opening night dressed as our favorite Britney. I already know that I would be “Womanizer” Britney with the black bob, black pencil skirt and black & white blouse. Him? He’d be “Toxic” Britney naked in diamonds. Why? Because he’s dreamy.


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