Jewel “Foolish Games” Featuring Kelly Clarkson

Jewel is releasing a Greatest Hits compilation and on it she has re-recorded her hit “Foolish Games” with the Queen of vocals, KeLEGEND ClarkSUS. Now, I know what you’re thinking; “dream come true,” “smash,” “DEAD.” And you’re right. Kelly comes in on the second verse but so does way too much percussion. You know how “Behind These Hazel Eyes” starts off with all of the drums? Imagine that, but in “Foolish Games.” “Foolish Games” does not need drums. Let the power of their vocals add the energy and dramatics.

“Foolish Games” is my favorite Jewel song. I used to sit in my room and be sad listening to this song (I had yet to even have a boyfriend, I was just dramatic.) I deemed this song “the saddest song in the world” because it is.

Jewel plans to tour in promotion of the Greatest Hits, but nowhere in California. Shade.


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